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NEB Class 11 Result Published 2075 - Check With MarkSheeet

National Examination Board (NEB) Published class 11 results of 2075 year. You can check and print it online. 
Similarly, you can check your result with SMS. Marks in with grade system A, A+, B, B+, C, C+, D, D+, E Grade.

On September 20 NEB publish class 12 supplementary result. Details:
According to results of 76 thousand 227 participants in the examination of the National Examination Board of Small Board, Krishna Prasad Sharma, there are 'A plus' 84, A 284' 840 'B plus'.

The examination was given to the students who want to increase the grade in respect of any topic under 'D Plus' or at the examination. So, according to the arrangement, if a chance to get one thousand 16 thousand participants in the examination, 76 thousand 227 were present. The board has said that this year's chance of examination results have been successful to publicize 14 days before the previous year. The Board had conducted a Grade Increase Opportunity Examination of Class 12 on September 12.

You can check your class 11 result 2075 at

In NEB Official website you can check your marks and print.
You can also view in NTC website

You can view your mark sheet 

If you want to know your marks with SMS
Than Type NEB Space Symbol No
Then send it 1601 From NTC

Example: NEB 24000111

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Abhishek Bachchan is not in Dhoom 4 Movie - Shahrukh Khan

Why Abhishek Bachchan is not in Dhoom 4 ?

Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan's disappointment is the news. He will lose the upcoming sequel of Dhoom series.
Earlier, in the first half of Dhoom, Abhishek was one of the main characters in the sequel. However, at Dhoom -4, the producers Aditya Chopra has reached the bottom of the absence of him. He has taken this decision due to anointed starred by Abhishek.

Who is in the Villain Role in Dhoom 4 ?

Abhishek had played a role in a police officer in Dhoom series. However, the villain character is ignoring her role in the film. John Abraham was born in Dhoom, Ritik Roshan was the villain in Dhoom 2, and Aamir Khan villain in Dhoom 3. Since the villain's role would be powerful, the success of the movie was more than the ancestors of the movie.
dhoom 4

Dhoom 4 is going to be like Hollywoods James Bond Film

Creator Aditya Chopada Dhoom 4 is planning to hold a high level. He is preparing to make Hollywood's James Bond series like spending money. In such a way, he does not want to risk the flop of heroes such as Abhishek Bachchan.
Not only so, he has also been unable to make the Uday Chopada of his family. Uday had played role in Abhishek's assistant in the film. Other producers and directors have not been convinced except Home Productions. Creator Aditya has announced his decision to Uday. He has to say with anointing.

Abhishek Bachchan's career is not going well. 

He has to take the name of his hit movie, and three sequels of Dhoom have to be in front of him.

Aditya is now looking for a new couple in the place of Abhishek and Uday. Looking for Also, he has not reached the confrontation of who plays in the role of villain. 

He wanted to play Salman Khan. However, Salman recently announced that he would never play negative rolls and shut the door of this possibility.

Now Aditya's eyes are on the way to Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh is also positive to play this film. He has rolled out negatively in many films in the past. He wakes up in negative characters.

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How did Google become the Emperor of the Search Engine?

Google is now part of our daily livelihood. Internet users call Google as their friends and teachers.
king of search engine

This week Google has been 20 years old. It has succeeded in becoming the King of Google Internet in the history of two decades. There was more than Google search engines that people used to use. But no one could stand before Google.

On September 4, 1998, engineer Larry Page and Sergey Brinley launched a project to cover the facts and information of the world's facts. The same project has succeeded so much that millions of questions are spent on Google. And, its founders now have billions of masters.

There were some successful search engines in the world of Google over the world. Discuss three

Web Crawler: It was the world's first search engine. Which could be searched by writing all words simultaneously. It came into practice a few years before Google came.

The web spider or web crawler means a computer program, which is still in use. Google also has introduced it to its website, saying, 'We use spiders' to generate public information while we present information on the web correctly.

Brian Pinkton, a student of the Washington University of Washington, has made web crawlers. In 1995, America Online bought it. Then in 2001, the company named Infospace owned it. At the very least the web crawler was popular. But after some time, a new search engine named Lycos came down with the use of the web crawler.


In 1995, the Carnegie Melan University of America started a research project called Lycos. Later, he bought a company named Terra. In 1999 it was the most visited website. But with Terra, it failed. Then the company bought a company from South Korea. Lastly, an online marketplace irk of India had purchased Lycos.

High View

In 1995, another search engine named Altavista was born. The same is the reason why Google's highest loss is the company. This search engine was different from the existing search engines. But Google came to be more than that and managed to capture the market. Yamaha bought it in 2003. But 10 years later it was forced to shut down.


In 1995, the London-based Axte was one of America's most liked bandmates. But 5 years after the market came to its fall.


After succeeded, but his founder only started to fill his pocket. Due to which the situation could not improve itself according to time. Perhaps Google has succeeded in turning the yoke on this issue.

How did Google succeed?

There were more than Google search engines and were receiving success. But what was the reason for which Google was able to turn everyone back?

90 percent searches on the Internet are on Google. About 60 percent of online advertising also comes from Google.

Google has successfully kissed the success due to the efforts of a user to make a sense of privilege and constantly trying to make something new. Google Algorithms also have a great role in it.

Google's founder's page and visit brought the PageRank Algorithm in 1999. This classifies any webpage between 1 to 10 in comparison to the utility.

Its authors on Google's Help Site have written: You need answers, not millions of web pages. Our system needs the results as per the requirement.

However, pages and pages have kept some shorts hidden, which have made Google separate and unique than other search engines. Google keeps changing it continuously.

Perhaps Google's biggest achievement is that Google has been able to understand the user's needs. 

From BBC


Facebook Video Streaming Service Launch Worldwide

Social Network Facebook will launch its Watch Facebook Video Streaming Services worldwide. 

This service has been told to give Facebook users a lot of options and choose the option they choose. It also shows the show of both Big Brides and a new player. Apart from that, all the clips used in the Newsfeed can also be viewed here.

This new Facebook service will provide users with comprehensive options. Where users can choose their favorite shows. In which a new game from the famous brand will be seen. Also, the clips in the news feed can also be viewed in it.

Video benefit and Facebook will be shared with the benefit of the video. The manufacturer will get 55 percent and Facebook will get 45 percent of the money. Facebook was preparing to publicly start this service startup on Wednesday. But after this information is taken, the program that announces the date has passed. That’s why some users have not seen this page.

The Facebook Watch service has been attributed to Google’s YouTube’s rival. But this is not only the utmost of the TV itself but also the Netflix, Amazon Videos, BBCs and Facebook’s own Instagram, such as the traditional TV channels and the online outlets.

Facebook Video Streaming

Some big artists and celebrities are working to prepare a special program for Facebook’s platform. Jeda Piket Smith is one of them. He is working on the production show ‘Red Table Talk’. Elizabeth Olson will be seen in ‘Suddenly Yourself’.


The upcoming woman will be the premiere of this drama. Like a reality show called Face Wealth, the British traveler, Bears Grilles, is coming with a reality show.

Facebook’s Watch Tower requires some qualifications for people who want to create video content. That video should be longer than 3 minutes. Within two months, the video must have at least 30 thousand people watching a minute.

Similarly, there should be more than 10 thousand followers of the office, where the Office Aid brake facility is available.

According to analysts, these terms will be beneficial for free video makers. YouTube producers have also made problems due to YouTube’s own advertising programs, including their own advertising programs.

For such people, Facebook’s speech services may be a good option.

According to Facebook, Ed Brake facility will be available from September to December, manufacturers of countries including France, Germany, Norway, Mexico and Thailand.


Who is Online on Twitter?

Twitter Like Now, Twitter also plans to start threaded convergence with the status indicator. Now Twitter users can find out Who is Online on Twitter?

Tweeter’s CEO Jack Dorsey said it on a Friday, revealing this.

The tweet says Dorsey, ‘We will soon be an interesting update on the Microblogging Platform Twitter.’ According to him, there is presence and threading in the new feature. With this, he has posted some samples.

who is online on twitter

With the help of the presence feature, the user will know what the followers are currently online?

Similarly, users from the threading feature can turn any converts as a threaded message.
Sarah Haider, Head of Product Director, Twitter has said in one of his twins, ‘We provide complete control over the issue of sharing their presence.’

He wrote on Twit, ‘High Twitter, we’re testing some features so that Twitter can be more interactive. There are presence and answer threads as a new feature. We are working on these features now.


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Nokia X7 Coming Soon (Nokia X7 Specifications)

Nokia Preparing to Launch Nokia X7

HMD has shared information related to the launch of a new smartphone in Nokia Mobile, Twitter’s Twitter handle.

However, the company has not mentioned the name of the upcoming smartphone. But according to the report coming online, the company is preparing to launch Nokia X7.

Nokia X7

Earlier, a few weeks after Nokia X-F and Nokia X in China launch in China, the company had launched Nokia 5.1 plus Nokia and Nokia 6.1 Global Global. The company has said Nokia X Seven is likely to launch worldwide as Nokia 7.1 plus.

The smartphone front part is shown with the camera app in a teaser image posted on Facebook. This means that the most important feature of the upcoming smartphone is the Light Light photography feature camera.

According to the Facebook post, a smartphone can have a 199 spectacular resistive display. However, no matter whether the phone is displayed on the phone or not.

any’s Taiwan-based Facebook page. The smartphone will be launched in other markets after Taiwan. However, the post now has been removed.

The latest news has been public for the last few years about Nokia X7. In the previous month, a picture of the smartphone display showed a pan. It did not appear in the upper part of the Nokia X-F and X Six.

The Nokia X7 will have 6-inch screen, Qualcomm Graddragon 710 processor, 4 GB ram and 64 GB inbuilt storage.


Dual Sim iPhone Launched XS, XS MAX and XR Models

Which module has double SIM iPhone ?

Apple has publicly voted for Dual Sim iPhone. In a special program held on San Francisco on 12th September night, Apple made the iPhone XS, XS MAX and XR model public.

In this XS and XS, MAX supports dual SIM card

iPhone has features like face detect as it is safe. Dual Sim iPhone
iPhone XS Max is the largest smartphone ever since it has 6.5 inches’ screen. Similar is the iPhone XR screen 6.1 inches and iPhone XS, with 5.8 inches’ screen.
These new phones will start selling from 21 September in the world on September 28.
Apple has lowered the value of iPhone Seven and iPhone 8 after publicizing the new iPhone. The price of iPhone Seven is $ 449 and the iPhone 8 price is $ 559.
The screen display of iPhone XS max is 6.5 inches. This is called the largest display phone.
Dual Sim iPhone


It has 12 and 7-megapixel dual cameras. This phone has super retina OLED HD screen. This phone is available in Gold, Silver and Space Gray Dual Sim iPhone.
It has 64 GB, 128 GB, and 512 GB of storage capacity. IP 68 water resistance rating of 30 minutes due to the depth of two meters of water made safe Apple has claimed.
The iPhone XS max is a 30-minute battery capacity than iPhones XS.
This iPhone containing IOS 12 software has A-12 biochemical chip and a 7-nanometer processor, which claims to be 30 percent faster than the 2017 iPhone’s.
There are two additional features, three unique features, phone unlock feature through a three-dim touch-sensitive screen, stereo sound, face id.
The iPhone XS value starts at 999 US DOLLAR.  For 256 GB of 1149 us dollar and 512 GB price is 1349 dollar.
The iPhone X S screen display is 5.8 inches. Other features are like XS Max.
Its market value starts from 1099 US Dollar. The value of 64 GB is $ 1099 US Dollar, 256 GB is $ 1249 US Dollar and 512 GB is $ 1449.
The screen is 6.1 inches with an iPhone X R 326 PPI (retina display). There is a 12-megapixel rear camera with wide angle lens.
This iPhone with 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB storage options feature XS Face Detect. It also has a 12 biochemical chip connection.
Dual Sim iPhone


Its battery is more than any other iPhone. Apple has claimed that more than one and a half hours Life than iPhone 8 plus.
This iPhone is protected from Dust and Liquid; IOS 12 Safer is connected. There is no home button. There are new features named Haptic Touch to run it. It is available in blue, pink, yellow, white, black and red.


Its market value starts from $ 749 us dollars. The value of 64 GB is $ 749 US Dollar, 128 GB of US $ 799 US Dollar and 256 GB of US $ 899.

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Samsung Galaxy On8 2018 Review & Specifications, Price, Leaked, First Look

Samsung Galaxy On8 2018 Review & Specifications


Samsung Galaxy On8 2018 Quick Description

Samsung galaxy on8 2018 became launched in August 2018 & runs on Android 8.0 OS. The Phone is to be had in color options i.e. black, blue & has a constructed in fingerprint sensor because of the primary security feature, alongside the host of connectivity alternatives in phrases of 3g, 4g, GPS, wifi Bluetooth abilities. the cell phone is to be had with sixty-four GB of internal storage.

The smartphone is powered with the aid of an octa-core Qualcomm snapdragon 450 processor. A 4 GB of ram guarantees telephone runs easily even the most reminiscence extensive programs & still shows no signs of lag. 64 GB of internal storage can be accelerated to 256 GB via a MicroSD card.

Battery The phone comes with a massive 3500 mah battery to assist it is6-inch display screen with an ips liquid crystal display show having a resolution of 720 x 1480.

Samsung galaxy on8 2018 comes with a sixteen-megapixel rear digicam and 16-megapixel front camera. it additionally supports face detection and high dynamic range(hdr) imaging.

Samsung Galaxy On8 2018 Specification

fundamental statistics
Producer             =>               Samsung
version                =>               Samsung galaxy on8 2018
release date        =>              (worldwide)02-08-2018
running system    =>               android os model eight.0
type                      =>               cellphone
colours                 =>               black blue
display                 =>                screen length (in inches) 6
show era              =>                ips lcd
display decision   =>               (in pixels)720 x 1480
display functions  =>                capacitive digicam
front camera        =>                 mega pixel  sixteen
led flash               =>                 yes
video recording    =>                 sure
Geo-tagging          =>                 yes
virtual zoom          =>                 sure
auto focus             =>                  sure
touch attention     =>                  sure
face detection       =>                 yes
hdr                        =>                  yes
panorama mode   =>                  yes
rear camera          =>                  mega pixel sixteen
battery                   =>                  battery ability (mah) 3500
finger print sensor =>                  yes
accelerometer       =>                  sure
gyroscope              =>                 sure
keypad type           =>                  touchscreen
multi touch             =>                  sure
light sensor            =>                  sure
proximity sensor     =>                  yes
sim                          =>                  dual
3g capability            =>                  sure
4g functionality        =>                  sure
wifi capability           =>                  yes
wifi hotspot               =>                  sure
bluetooth                  =>                  yes
gps                           =>                  sure
detachable garage   =>                 (maximum) 256 gb
cpu                           =>                Qualcomm snapdragon 450
processor cores       =>                   octa
ram                           =>                  four gb
storage                      =>                 64 gb

For more information please watch video.


Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date, Price, First Look, Spec & Rumours Leaks

Samsung Galaxy S10 Release Date, Price, First Look, Spec & Rumours Leaks

The competition between Samsung and Apple is the largest within the phone industry so the Korean tech massive might be using the letter ‘x’ as a declaration in opposition to the Cupertino tech company that its biggest competitor will be bringing in something a ways higher than whilst the organization unveiled the iPhone x. 

Samsung has employed its splendid AMOLED show for the reason that inception of the very first galaxy s and has progressively stepped forward it with every passing yr. to permit clients to revel in the nice of the fine in telephone show viewing generation. 

According to a popular leakster, the galaxy s10 will function a next-technology OLED display and a display-to-frame ratio so that it will be better than ninety-three percent.

without a shadow of a doubt, the upcoming flagship can be touting a Snapdragon 855, which could thoroughly be the first soc to be fabricated at the advanced 7nm manner. even as that was the apparent element, what approximately the Exynos equal? 


The successor of the Exynos 9810 is reportedly named Exynos 9820 and is undergoing development at this current. a long-term lower back, it was rumored that Samsung could be incorporating its in-house GPU technique to go along with the CPU.

Samsung makes its own high-overall performance mongoose cores which are paired with arm’s low-energy cores and an arm GPU but things should look very unique subsequent yr. this year, Samsung additionally introduced that it’s far prepping chips for mining purposes.


It’ll be smartphones and battery-green notebooks. Even though better answers will eventually be a gift within the future, the first new release of the lpddr5 might be primarily based on the second one-technology 10nm manner and will bring about 15 percentage higher efficient and up to 10 percent greater overall performance.

The reason for thee gains is due to the fact the enterprise is the use of an extra superior and proprietary circuit layout generation. The galaxy s10 or the galaxy will be the first flagship of the organization to function lpddr5 reminiscence, leading to higher battery lifestyles for the consumer.

The number of layers of the board will grow, and it’ll lessen the surface vicinity and width thru semiconductor packaging era. this can bring about a smaller common sense board, allowing Samsung to take gain of the inner area for the higher era and bigger battery.

Galaxy s10 capable phone from Samsung?

Samsung has been teasing the countless possibilities of 5g connectivity, which includes being able to have a video name from country to country with out enjoy a hitch in video-call performance. the company additionally stated that it would be saying its first 5g-succesful cellphone very soon, but that timeline might handiest come closer with the declaration of the galaxy s10. If you want to recognize the entirety approximately 5g connectivity, we have all the facts supplied here.

The Snapdragon 855 so as to finally be powering the galaxy s10 will function the employer’s first 5g successfully modem referred to as the snapdragon x50. In a completely fierce and competitive race to bring 5g era as soon as viable, purchasers may be capable of experience the subsequent level of blazing-speedy information connectivity.


This might be the maximum not likely item on our wishlist, but we’d love for the samsung galaxy s10 to reverse the recent fashion of smartphones becoming extra expensive. To recap the value of the previous few flagship telephones, the galaxy s7 launched at £569, the s8 at £689 and the s9 at £739. that’s £a hundred and seventy’s worth of charge upward push in simplest two years.

Even as samsung phone prices have a tendency to drop quite quickly after release, it might be best to be able to shop for a smartphone at launch while not having to remortgage your own home.

Releasing Date: March – April 2019

Going via the discharge of the s8 and s9, we would expect the new s10 telephone, together with the s10+, to come out in march-april 2019. But, in step with rumours, the galaxy s10 would possibly even pop out in advance than anticipated because of a foldable samsung smartphone – because of this we might see the s10 at ces 2019, in early january as an alternative. Only time will inform.

Software Version: Android P

we count on seeing android pie used within the modern-day s10. google’s present-day operating machine has but to come to a Samsung tool, though, we suspect it’ll come out as an OTA replace to the s9 soon. Still, the s10 is in all likelihood to deliver with android pie out-the-container.

Processor: Snapdragon 855

Samsung typically receives first dibs on Qualcomm’s most recent processors, so we anticipate their subsequent CPU to feature inside the galaxy s10. Latest reports have stated that the 7nm chip could be heavily produced within the very last area of this 12 months, dovetailing nicely with the s10’s rumoured early 2019 release date.




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How to Deactivate Back Tone on Ncell (PRBT)

How to Deactivate Back Tone on Ncell

Dial 9208 and follow the commands
Type a and ship SMS to 9209. monthly PRBT provider rate: Rs. 10/month*

Ncell PRBT Deactivate

dial 9208 and comply with the instructions to choose your preferred tone or,
dial *9208# and observe the instructions to choose your favorite tone or,
type purchase<space>prbt code of the song and ship SMS to 9209.
To choose the PRBT of your desire, you could also visit PRBTportal.  value of each PRBT : Rs. 10/month/tone*. the tone might be automobile renewed each month until you delete the tone or deactivate the carrier.

How to Deactivate Back Tone on Ncell

dial 9208 and comply with commands to delete the tone or,

type delete<space>prbt code of the tone you want to delete and ship SMS to 9209.

For deactivating kind R and ship SMS to 9209

for replica dial * (asterisk) key while you listen to the PRBT being played. a trendy fee of the PRBT provider and tone will observe.
To present a PRBT in your buddy:

type present<PRBT code><space><Friend’s mobile number> and ship to 9209. the charge of the PRBT will practice on your account.


How to Activate and Deactivate Ncell PRBT offer

Activate and Deactivate Ncell PRBT offer

Dial 9208 and follow the commands
Type a and ship SMS to 9209. monthly PRBT provider rate: Rs. 10/month*

Ncell PRBT Deactivate

dial 9208 and comply with the instructions to choose your preferred tone or,
dial *9208# and observe the instructions to choose your favorite tone or,
type purchase<space>prbt code of the song and ship SMS to 9209.
To choose the PRBT of your desire, you could also visit PRBTportal.  value of each PRBT : Rs. 10/month/tone*. the tone might be automobile renewed each month until you delete the tone or deactivate the carrier.

dial 9208 and comply with commands to delete the tone or,

type delete<space>prbt code of the tone you want to delete and ship SMS to 9209.

For deactivating kind r and ship SMS to 9209

for replica dial * (asterisk) key while you listen to the PRBT being played. a trendy fee of the PRBT provider and tone will observe.
To present a PRBT in your buddy:

type present<PRBT code><space><Friend’s mobile number> and ship to 9209. the charge of the PRBT will practice on your account.

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7 Reasons to Buy or Not Samsung Galaxy J6

Reasons to Buy or Not Samsung Galaxy J6

Samsung launch new model galaxy j6. It has a great design with AMOLED display and super speed phone than other phones within this price range. Do you want to buy Samsung galaxy j6 and want to true review, here is the review does it really worth to buy?

Samsung Galaxy J6 have face unlock, fingerprint, 3000 mAh excellent battery life, wide angle selfie camera, infinity display, Oreo operating system, 13 Mega Pixels Rear and 8 Megapixels’ rear camera and 3 GB, 4 GB Ram with 32 GB, 64 GB internal memory with black blue gold color.



Samsung Galaxy J6 Review (Does it really worth to buy?)

I have listed some reason why I am not recommended to buy Samsung j6
Reason No 1:
Samsung j6 have face unlock features, but in my experience in two months to use galaxy j6, Face unlock is slow and won’t work in low light. It can be improving.
samsung galaxy j6


Reason No 2:
Previously I used Samsung galaxy s7 edge which has auto screen brightness features. Auto brightness help in low light and bright. But there is no auto screen brightness (ambient light sensor)
samsung galaxy j6


Reason No 3

At around Rs. 15000 price phone have metal body whereas Samsung galaxy j6 had a plastic body. It can be improved but Its plastic body and design are also looking good.

samsung galaxy j6


Reason No. 4
Samsung Galaxy J6 have 1480 x 720 Pixels HD Super almoded display. But in other same prices, phone have the FHD+ display. It is another reason.
Reason No. 5

In 2018, Samsung and other brands use the latest processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, But Galaxy j6 have used 1.6 GHz Octa-Core Exynos 7870 14nm processor with Mali T830 GPU (2-year-old processor) used in Galaxy J6 2016.

samsung galaxy j6


Reason No. 6

Lots of phones use the TYPE C charger in the latest phone, j6 have the old type of charger.

samsung galaxy j6


Reason No. 7

I am using Samsung galaxy j6 for 2 months, to full charge, it takes hours with their charger. It can be improved, most of the phone Charge full in 1 hours 30 minutes.

Samsung galaxy j6