Monday, October 22, 2018

Amazon Became the Trillion Dollar Company

Amazon became the trillion dollar company after the Apple   

The e-commerce company Amazon has become the world's second-largest company with an estimated $ 10 billion dollar market value.

Following Amazon, as the world's first company to cross $ 10 trillion dollars, is Amazon, has created history.

The market value of the Amazon Company has reached $ 10 billion, with the share of the Amazon's share price rising at a peak at the last time, with a sharp increase of $ 2050.

Amazon Became the Trillion Dollar Company

Apple had just succeeded this month last month.

Remind only 50 days ago, Amazon created a history of 100 million items in one day. On the premiere Prime Day, Amazon created a new record on online shopping.

Amazon Web Services and Amazon Logistics, as Amazon's premier company, have been successful as a successful company's company, making it easier for Amazon to cross $ 10 billion dollars.

Even Amazon has succeeded with Smart Assistant Speaker Eco, despite failing in smartphone business with hardware phones in hardware.

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