Monday, October 22, 2018

Amazon Became the Trillion Dollar Company

Amazon became the trillion dollar company after the Apple   

The e-commerce company Amazon has become the world's second-largest company with an estimated $ 10 billion dollar market value.

Following Amazon, as the world's first company to cross $ 10 trillion dollars, is Amazon, has created history.

The market value of the Amazon Company has reached $ 10 billion, with the share of the Amazon's share price rising at a peak at the last time, with a sharp increase of $ 2050.

Amazon Became the Trillion Dollar Company

Apple had just succeeded this month last month.

Remind only 50 days ago, Amazon created a history of 100 million items in one day. On the premiere Prime Day, Amazon created a new record on online shopping.

Amazon Web Services and Amazon Logistics, as Amazon's premier company, have been successful as a successful company's company, making it easier for Amazon to cross $ 10 billion dollars.

Even Amazon has succeeded with Smart Assistant Speaker Eco, despite failing in smartphone business with hardware phones in hardware.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Class 11 Result 2075 Published View With Grade Sheet - NEB

NEB Published class 11 Result 2075 (View with Grade Sheet)

The result can be seen at 
or at 
You can view with Grade Sheet
According to the board, the neb symbol no type can be fixed by 35001 SMS.

NEB Space Symbol Number

The National Examination Board has published the result of Class 11 2075. This year, 3 lakh 32 thousand 891 students were participants. Partial side partition was 1 lakh 76 thousand 9 5 and 39 thousand students in the numeric system were participants.

On regular basis, 1,145 students have brought from GPA 3.61 to 4. 8,8 9 9 brought GPA from 3.21 to 3.60. 24,155 students have been gifted from 2.81 to GBP 3.20. 48 thousand 731 took GPA from 2.41 to 2.80 and 86 thousand seven hundred 70 candidates took GPA from 2.1 to 2.40. 


Thursday, October 4, 2018

How to increase AdMob earning with Edit Other Apps

How to increase AdMob earning?

Do you want to make money with mobile apps? Are you an application developer, if yes you have no problem if not you can use other mobile applications to make money with AdMob. Here is the solution how How to increase AdMob earning with other apps like MX Player, photo editors, games, music player, and other apps.
Lots of applications AdMob id can’t editable. you can check some older version of these apps to edit AdMob id.
Full details about how I edit the code:
Step 1: 
Install APK Editor apps
Download Link Here
Step 2: 
Choose Select Apk from App
Step 3:
Choose any app to Edit
Step 4:
Choose Full Edit (Resource Re-build)
Step 5:
Select Default On top of Screen
Step 6:
There you can see Add Mob id to edit.
Choose AdMob banner id, interstitial id and change the add code
You can add own code.
Watch the video I edit the code.