Sunday, May 24, 2020

Unfortunately Google Play Services has Stopped Working Solution 2020

How to fix Unfortunately Google Play Services has Stopped Error?

We will fix, Unfortunately Google Play services has stopped error. Android is the most popular OS (Operating System) worldwide today. We can see that the on Android devices. Google play services have stopped and not opening.

 The following are the methods that have proven to be able to get rid of the “Unfortunately, (app name) has stopped” issue


Unfortunately google play services has stopped fix 

*********************Method 1 *************
Do you Know Play store can’t be removed unless root access is granted? 

If you have root access, just properly install the proper apps.

Apps are all Google product apps that are preloaded into a single package for that phone. (They must be installed in recovery.)

If you do not have root access, do a full factory reset.

For those of you that this does not apply too and your phone was never rooted and is doing this at random, and a factory reset does not work you need to flash a new file to your phone. Some viruses that corrupt the stock ROM image so the user could not factory reset to get rid of the said virus.

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Unfortunately google play services has stopped after factory reset

*****************Method 2 ************
In method 2 try this method to solve this problem

1. First, remove the battery.

2. Then remove the sd card.
3. Again put the battery back in the phone.
4. Turn on the phone.
5. Reset the phone
6. Wait till the phone is fully reset
7. Remove battery
8. Put the sd card back in the phone
9. Put the battery back in the phone
10. Turn on the phone.

And that should do it. the downside is that you might lose some apps you downloaded unless they were on your sd card.

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