Sunday, May 24, 2020

Windows explorer has stopped working cannot open anything

Windows explorer has stopped working cannot open anything

Windows explorer has stopped working cannot open anything whilst installing or uninstalling software program packages downloading and installing software on Windows 7/8/10. When copying files windows explorer stooped working and can’t click anything.

What is the causes of windows explorer has stoped working error?

Microsoft regularly recommended to update your windows for security reasons. Some of the outdated software, antivirus or malware effected your system and they stop working.

Another reason behind it outdated drivers. Corrupted device drivers cause this error.

Update drivers in Windows 10

If you recently download and install any program or software, it also can be a reason.

Sometimes windows crash, and blue screen appears, but this problem is only application crash, error message display like this:

“Windows Explorer has stopped working.”

“Windows Installer has stopped working.”

windows explorer has stopped working

Ok Let’s start:

if you recently format and install windows or operating system, then the check you have latest drivers and software update versions.

Fix Windows Explorer has Stopped Working Can’t Click Anything

Solution 1:
• Go to start.
• Type CMD, Right-click and run as an administrator press enter.
• At the command prompt, type chkdsk/r/f
• Press enter
• Reboot your Laptop or PC

Solution 2:
• Go to start.
• Type “Regedit” and run as administrator.
• Look for the following registry key: “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftSQMClientWindowsDisabledSessions”
• On window right pane, delete the sub-key: “Machine Throttling”
• Reboot your Laptop or PC

Solution 3:
Scan your computer with any trusted antivirus.

Solution 4:
Remove unwanted and third party software and services which recently install and corrupted.


Windows Explorer has stopped working” is common problem for windows users. We face this problems lots of time. We find the the solution and share with you, if you find helpful, don’t forget to share others.

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