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How to Restart Google Chrome with This Simple Bookmark?

How do you restart Google Chrome?

Google Chrome may be the best web browser available on the internet but it’s also a memory hog. If you’ve ever looked at your task manager, you would understand what I mean. A couple of open tabs on Chrome will have a negative impact on your system speed.

Usually, the best workaround this issue is to restart Google Chrome to free up some memory. Another alternative is to uninstall some unimportant add-ons on the browser.

Today, I will show you how to quickly restart Google Chrome with a simple bookmark.

Now, how do you restart Chrome? Do you usually close the open tabs then launch the browser again?

If my guess is right, then this article is for you.

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But wait:

You wouldn’t be wrong if the method I described above is what you do. But you can also restart the Google Chrome browser by typing a special URL in the address bar.

Let me show you how:

Download Google Chrome here if it’s not installed on your computer.

Launch Google Chrome, type chrome://restart in the address bar and hit the Enter key and wait for the browser to restart.

That was easy, wasn’t it?

Restart Google Chrome
Restart Google Chrome

How to Restart Google Chrome with This Simple Bookmark?

To cut the stress of having to type the above-mentioned URL into the address bar every time, we will create a bookmark. That way, we can easily restart the Chrome browser by clicking a few buttons. The restart bookmark also comes in handy if you restart your browser often.

I assume you are using a Windows PC.

So let’s get down to it.

Press Ctrl+D on your computer keyboard. On the pop-up window that displays, click on Edit to take you to the next window.

Type chrome://restart into the address bar (but don’t hit the Enter key this time).

On the Name text area, give the bookmark a name and in the URL text area, type in chrome://restart and Save. See the image below.

How to use Google Chrome bookmark?

Go to the Options menu (at the upper right of your browser) and click select Bookmarks. From the drop-down menu, you will see your new bookmark. Click on it to restart the Google Chrome browser.

That’s it!

If you followed the steps above, you just restarted Google Chrome using a simple bookmark.


Bonus Tip: Some Useful Google Chrome Commands You Should Try

chrome://bookmarks – Displays a page containing all your browser bookmarks.

chrome://quit/ – This command will quit the browser when executed.

chrome://kill – This command kills the processes on an active page.

chrome://history – Use this to get access to your browser history.

chrome://downloads – Opens your downloads history. An alternative key combo for this is Ctrl+J.

chrome://apps – Opens up all Google browser applications.

chrome://settings – Opens the settings on the browser.

chrome://chrome-urls – Typing this in the address bar presents you with a list of Chrome URLs.

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