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How to turn your pc to WiFi hotspot in Windows 10 /8 / 7

How to turn your PC to WiFi hotspot in Windows 10 /8 / 7

In this article learn how to turn your PC to WiFi Hotspot in Windows 10 or 7 in an easy way. We all know about how to join wireless networks with our computers. For most of us, the WiFi network is our basic mode of connection to the internet. But not so many can actually set up a WiFi Hotspot on their computers. That’s why I wrote this article. Here, I am going to show you a simple guide to setting that up on your Windows computer.

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Before you learn how to turn PC to a wireless Hotspot

What is a Wireless Hotspot?

Wireless hotspot is a wireless access point that provides network or Internet access to other WiFi-enabled computing devices such as laptops or mobile phones. We can turn on Hotspot from the wireless-enabled devices, such as a laptop, iPod, or smartphone. Within wireless internet range, we get notified with available networks.

If you don’t get the “wireless networks are available” notification, you can go into your network settings to find available wireless networks.

You can then accept or initiate the connection to the hotspot’s wireless network, which is usually identified in the network name (SSID).

Note that SSID is simply the technical term for a network name and it. The full meaning of SSID is the Service Set Identifier.

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What Do You Need to Set Up A Wireless Hotspot?

The first requirement is your computer or laptop need to have a wireless network adaptor. (Wireless network card already installed on all laptop or PC devices.) if you don’t have an inbuilt network adapter, you must install it to turn on the hotspot.

Also ensure that you have your Windows firewall turned on (Windows has Firewall as an inbuilt feature, so all you need to do is just turn it on from Windows Control Panel).

How to turn your pc to WiFi hotspot in Windows 7

To turn on your pc to a wireless hotspot, follow these simple steps:

  • In the Windows 7 operating system:
  • Go to the Start menu at the taskbar.
  • Click the Control panel.
  • Go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center.
  • Click on Set up a new network connection.
  • Click set up a wireless hotspot connection (PC to PC)
  • Click next.
  • Setup a wireless Adhoc network.
  • On the next window, click Next again.

How to turn your pc to WiFi hotspot
How to turn your pc to WiFi hotspot

Now configure the hotspot and this will require the following the details:

  • Input Network name like BRBTEACH.
  • Choose security type like
  • Available options are No authentication(Open), WEP, WPA2-Personal.
  • Put your hotspot password.
  • Save this network button to continue.
  • Choose a network name and security options
  • Now that your hotspot is all set up, go ahead and connect a WiFi with your device.

How to turn your pc to WiFi hotspot in Windows 10

  • In right sidebar click on the WiFi icon.
  • You can see Mobile Hotspot icon (you can directly turn on this)
  • From control panel go to Network and internet setting
  • There you can see the mobile hotspot option on the left sidebar.
  • Now you can share your Hotspot with WiFi and Bluetooth.


How to turn your pc to WiFi hotspot
How to turn your pc to WiFi hotspot

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