Wednesday, July 22, 2020

How do I get more views on YouTube 2020 for free

How do I get more views on YouTube 2020?

Lot’s of people wanna know how to get more views on YouTube channels. So, let’s talk about that. – Awesome, one of the easiest ways that you can get more views is to be topical and that whole word, it means to be of interest, to really think of the things that are highly interesting to your viewing audience and to focus on those things. 

Publish videos on those very topics. Here’s a simple tip that’ll allow you to do just that. 

Simply pay attention to new products, services, books, new movies that are coming out, and create content, create videos around those topics. 

How do I get more views on YouTube
How do I get more views on YouTube

It’s all about supply and demand. If there’s a brand new movie coming out, there’s gonna be a lot fewer videos, and that’s gonna give you an easier opportunity to get in front of people, to drive more views just because there’s not so much competition.

Another thing that you really need to make sure that you’re doing if you wanna get more views easily on your YouTube channel, is you gotta make sure that you’re making awesome thumbnails because if your thumbnails suck, people aren’t gonna click on your thumbnails.

So, you gotta make sure that you’re making effective thumbnails and you’re keeping people watching your videos, because YouTube is basically judging your channel, and judging each video on how much watch time you can get per impression on your thumbnails.

That basically means every time somebody sees your thumbnail, when they click on it, how long are they watching your videos? So, you gotta make awesome thumbnails and you gotta learn how to keep people watching your videos. – And here’s what’s up.

So listen up if you wanna grow your channel. Super important to try new things, to experiment, to bring something new to the viewing audience. How can you possibly know if your video is gonna take off if you’ve never taken the time to create something new?

If you keep making the same beauty videos or tech videos, how can you possibly get a different result? Be willing to try something new to generate a better result for your channel. And here’s what’s up, like, have some fun, loosen up. 



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