How do I stop AdSense invalid clicks? Avoid Self Clicking Activity on AdSense Ads

How to avoid self clicking activity on AdSense Ads?

Do you accidentally click on your own AdSense ads sometimes? If Yes, you will have definitely always in worry about avoid self clicking. Because if you have read AdSense T&C, then you already know that Self-clicking on AdSense is generated a flag to invalid click activity which is against AdSense policies.

Avoid Self Clicking Activity on AdSense Ads
Avoid Self Clicking Activity on AdSense Ads

Google AdSense also warns you to do not to click on your own ads. If you do this repeatedly then one day your AdSense account will be banned.

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As we know, AdSense is one of the top site monetization program. So every new blogger who has started the site to make money online, then only first thinks to monetize the site with Google AdSense.

But many times Google AdSense blocks their accounts due to invalid click activity. So today I’ll share a few methods with that you can avoid self-clicking on AdSense Ads.

How to protect AdSense Ads from Self Click?

Basically, if you mistakenly clicked on AdSense 2-5 times in a month then there is no problem. AdSense knows about it and you’ll not receive any earning from this click. But in case you are regularly clicking, means every month then it will generate an invalid click activity. So If you are an AdSense publisher and wanted to protect your account from self-clicking then follow the steps below:

WordPress Plugin:

If your site built on WordPress then you can use Quick AdSense and Adsense Invalid Click Protector plugin, both WordPress plugins have the feature to hide AdSense and other ads for logged in users.

But only those ads can be hidden that are placed using Quick AdSense & WP-Quad plugin. So If you’re using plugin any from them just enable “Hide Ads when the user is logged in” option.

You can install Quick AdSense and WP-Quad Plugin directly using a Plugin installer from WordPress dashboard or Manually from here: Download Quick AdSense Plugin & Download WP Quad plugin.

Adblock software

An Adblocker extension can block all the ads from a webpage. So if you use Adblock software then it will remove all advertising from your Webpage and along with this from all other websites as well. But I’ll not suggest you use this because if everyone starts using Adblocking software then it will affect all the AdSense publishers.

Today many sites depend only on AdSense advertising to earn money, If they will not earn anything from their site due to Adblockers then how they will continue to work on their site.

So If you really want to use Adblocker for personal website use, you can white listed other sites to support them.

If you have any other solution to avoid self-click on AdSense ads then please share with us.

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