How do I fix Google Play store no Internet connection?

How do I fix Google Play store no Internet connection?

This problem regularly comes when you don’t have the latest Android apps and shows google play store no internet connection.

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To fix google play store no connection Ensure wi-fi or cell information is became on or restart again, retry errors message even though your WIFI/3G/LTE connection is operating smoothly and all of the other net apps are walking high-quality.

How do I fix Google Play store no Internet connection on Android Phones?

When I get this trouble on my mobile phone, I had no idea my all google play services along with Gmail, play movies, song, magazines stop working.

I attempted to apply a specific wifi connection, VPN’s, modified DNS servers, restarted my android cellphone, router but still it show my google play store no internet connection.

Google Play Store No Connection

Then in the end, after hours of the conflict, I got here up with the solution which help me to solve this no internet connection problem.

Before you start
No internet connection make sure wifi or cellular data is turned on the play store.


7 Solution to fix Google Play store no Internet connection?

1. Check your date and time setting

Google play services sync with their master servers to ship and acquire facts, to do this your tool time and date must be efficaciously set. It really works 😯 % of the time.

To solve this issue:

  • Visit settings > date & time
  • Check computerized date & time
    or as a substitute, you can set time with the aid of your self, just make certain it is accurate.

2. Clean google play keep app cache

Sometimes it reasons troubles and will be one of the reasons behind google play store cache data. Before doing this please backup your google data password also.

To solve this issue:

  • Visit settings > app
  • Swipe right to all
  • Scroll down and tap google play STORE.
  • press clean statistics button and faucet good enough.

3. Exchange DNS settings of your phone or network router

Sometimes ISP DNS servers can’t clear up domains of google play services.
So that, you won’t switch to google DNS servers from wifi settings of your phone.

It may also be performed through your internet router.

To solve this issue:

  • Go to settings
  • Choose wifi network (hold tap)
  • Pick out adjust
  • Show superior settings.
  • Then from the IP settings drop box, exchange DHCP to static and enter the details cited in the picture below.

dns1 have to be
dns2 have to be

4. Re-login your Google account

You can change the safety settings or password of your google account.

You need to update the account settings for your Android tool. Also, you can transfer to different account.

To solve this issue:

  • Go to settings >
  • Account
  • Google
  • Tap your number one google account
  • Open options from right top,
  • click REMOVE account.
  • now open play save
  • it’ll ask you to log in your google account once more.

5. Uninstalling Updates:

Sometimes it works by uninstalling updates
Google play store updates routinely and makes modifications without person permission.

If the above referred to steps don’t help you, use the “uninstall updates” alternative of play store app. It may fix Google Play store no Internet connection

To solve this issue:

  • Go to google play app settings.
  • Press uninstall updates


6. Put off any proxy or VPN software

Delete any current proxy or VPN services and join at once to the internet earlier than gaining access to play keep.
Visit wi-fi & community, regulate your wifi settings, visit superior alternatives and remove any proxy servers.

Disconnect any VPN connection or apps you have got jogging in historical past.

Erase HOSTS Record
In the event that you established your Android gadget, do the accompanying.

To solve this issue:

  • Open-File manager.
  • Open root/framework/system and so on.
  • Erase hosts.txt document

7. Reset Phone or Tablet

In the event that anything said above does not work. It’s an ideal opportunity to complete a full processing plant reset to your phone.

It will clear everything and put your gadget in its unique condition. Ensure you back-up your contacts and documents before you play out a reset, else you will lose everything.

To solve this issue:

  • Go to Settings
  • Click Backup and reset
  • Click Rest.

That’s it if have any problem comment below I will help you.

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