How did Google become the biggest search engine?

How did Google become the biggest search engine?

Google is now part of our daily livelihood. Internet users call Google as their friends and teachers.

How did Google become the biggest search engine
How did Google become the biggest search engine

This week Google has been 20 years old. It has succeeded in becoming the King of Google Internet in the history of two decades. There was more than Google search engines that people used to use. But no one could stand before Google.

On September 4, 1998, engineer Larry Page and Sergey Brinley launched a project to cover the facts and information of the world’s facts. The same project has succeeded so much that millions of questions are spent on Google. And, its founders now have billions of masters.

There were some successful search engines in the world of Google over the world. Discuss three

Web Crawler: It was the world’s first search engine. Which could be searched by writing all words simultaneously. It came into practice a few years before Google came.

The web spider or web crawler means a computer program, which is still in use. Google also has introduced it to its website, saying, ‘We use spiders’ to generate public information while we present information on the web correctly.

Brian Pinkton, a student of the Washington University of Washington, has made web crawlers. In 1995, America Online bought it. Then in 2001, the company named Infospace owned it. At the very least the web crawler was popular. But after some time, a new search engine named Lycos came down with the use of the web crawler.


In 1995, the Carnegie Melan University of America started a research project called Lycos. Later, he bought a company named Terra. In 1999 it was the most visited website. But with Terra, it failed. Then the company bought a company from South Korea. Lastly, an online marketplace irk of India had purchased Lycos.

High View

In 1995, another search engine named Altavista was born. The same is the reason why Google’s highest loss is the company. This search engine was different from the existing search engines. But Google came to be more than that and managed to capture the market. Yamaha bought it in 2003. But 10 years later it was forced to shut down.


In 1995, the London-based Axte was one of America’s most liked bandmates. But 5 years after the market came to its fall.


After succeeded, but his founder only started to fill his pocket. Due to which the situation could not improve itself according to time. Perhaps Google has succeeded in turning the yoke on this issue.

How did Google become the biggest search engine? How did Google succeed?

There were more than Google search engines and were receiving success. But what was the reason for which Google was able to turn everyone back?

90 percent searches on the Internet are on Google. About 60 percent of online advertising also comes from Google.

Google has successfully kissed the success due to the efforts of a user to make a sense of privilege and constantly trying to make something new. Google Algorithms also have a great role in it.

Google’s founder’s page and visit brought the PageRank Algorithm in 1999. This classifies any webpage between 1 to 10 in comparison to the utility.

Its authors on Google’s Help Site have written: You need answers, not millions of web pages. Our system needs the results as per the requirement.

However, pages and pages have kept some shorts hidden, which have made Google separate and unique than other search engines. Google keeps changing it continuously.

Perhaps Google’s biggest achievement is that Google has been able to understand the user’s needs. 

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