How to copy text from protected website chrome ?

How to copy text from protected website chrome

Some websites disable the right-click option. From there you can not copy any word or any content although. Only a few humans certainly supply the credit link or mention about the source. In the auto-blogging device, a maximum commonplace form of copying a web page is by means of deciding on text > mouse right-click on and duplicate the content material, even though in WordPress

In WordPress, you can easily disable right click with WordPress plugin help.

how to copy text from protected website chrome
how to copy text from protected website chrome

I write this tutorial, I take records from the pages on the internet and give proper credentials with the hyperlink inside the submit. now, the hassle which I’ve faced recently is lots of these websites have right click on disabled and it’s ache to duplicate from those websites usually. To make certain higher safety from hackers and malicious websites.

Duplicate textual content from proper click disabled pages:

Most of the bloggers and webmasters make use of javascript method to disable proper-click, to save you scrapers sites from stealing their content.

Many times we regularly come to websites wherein we located contents useful like how-to, courses and we replica it into worded or notepad. generally, we choose some text after which right click to duplicate. however, on protected websites, a message field appears saying “right-click in this website is disabled. hold the Ctrl key and click on the hyperlink to open in new tab”


The aid of disabling browser javascript in the browser using proxy sites.

By the use of the supply code of the web page

To disable Google Chrome in chrome browser, you could speedy disable javascript via going to settings. So we searching for How to copy text from protected website chrome. View the screenshot for a better explanation:

  1. Goto setting
  2. Content settings
  3. or enter  chrome://settings
  4. then select do now not allow any site to run javascript

    how to copy text from protected website chrome


In addition, if you are the use of Firefox, you may dispose of the tick from “enable javascript” option.

You can also use Google Chrome extensions to copy the content. but I do not recommend that.

There are numerous proxy sites, which let you disable js whilst surfing. all you need to use those proxy sites, which give such functions and you can fast use proper-click on click disabled websites.

You can also copy content from view source 

When you have to copy the precise text content material and you can take care of html tags, you may use browser view source options. Which you may get right of entry to without delay using the layout below or via proper click. how to copy text from protected website chrome? Due to the fact, proper click on is out of the question here, we will absolutely open chrome browser and kind: view-supply: before the publish url like.

how to copy text from protected website chrome

The usage of this trick ethically or unethically is in person’s hand but for a regular blogger like me and you, this tip will honestly assist. do you use any other plugin or upload-on to replicate content of pages with a proper click on disabled? 

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