How to Find Profitable Niche For Blogging in 2020

How to find profitable niche for blogging ?

Today i share about how to finding your profitable niche for your blog and website. I want you to be able to find the place where you fit in, the place where you feel you’re going to be successful, where you’re gonna get a win and I want you to understand that finding your niche and a focus for your content and for your brand is very powerful so that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today.

What should my blog niche be?

I’m gonna give you my best advice for figuring out what your niche is and what to do about it. As a creative entrepreneur, I’ve learned the importance of building your personal brand and content is a big part of that is one of the foundations of your personal brand and one of the pillars of your success in the digital age.

How to Find Profitable Niche For Blogging

How do I start a niche blog?

The struggle for most people is not the ability to make content for the most part and there are ways you can overcome the technological aspects of that there are ways that you can overcome the platforms but what you really have to figure out is what you’re going to do in the first place and who you’re going to make content for. 

Which blog niche makes the most money?

To figure out your niche you need to figure out where you fit. Because people aren’t just one thing this is a struggle for a lot of you.


A lot of you have a lot of different interests and you’d love to just be able to combine them and just put them all in one place whether that’s your blog, or your podcast, or YouTube channel, you want the ability and the freedom to explore all of your interest. 

The problem with that is that when you’re trying to build an audience that leads to confusion and it also means that it can hurt your numbers in terms of people sticking with you.

To being loyal, and it is because their expectations are not being met which is why a lot of people will give you the advice of niche-ing down and narrowing your focus to a specific topic, or a specific group, or genre, or something like that.


While this can feel limiting and constricting it’s actually one those practical things you can do and it doesn’t have to be limiting. 

How to Find Profitable Niche For Blogging

The thing is people have a hard time prioritizing and choosing, well out of these three things that I like, or out of these five things that I like, what is it that I should be focused on? And I have some advice on that.


The common thing that you’ll hear and that you’re probably expecting me to say is to, well, do the thing that you are most passionate about. And while that’s not bad advice I feel it’s incomplete advice.


Passion isn’t always necessarily sustainable and what you’re passionate about may not be lucrative enough, profitable enough, for you to be able to maintain and sustain it or even grow it. 

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What are you trying to achieve?

So I feel like you have to think about first what your purpose is, what are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to build your name, your reputation, and your career?


Because what you’re passionate about may not encompass those objectives or your ultimate ambition and it may not be something that aligns and connects with it so you have to consider that. You also have to, of course, consider practicality. 

How do you know if a niche is profitable?

Do you have the means and resources to achieve the thing that you’re passionate about or the thing that is your purpose, and which one of those is easier to develop and to build out right now for where you’re at? How to Find Profitable Niche For Blogging.


And so, for the time being, you might need to think about what your ambition is what’s the easiest thing out of all the things you love that you can do without being overwhelmed so it’s sustainable, and so that when things are difficult, it’s still not a dead end. And so I feel like that is the more sure approach overall.

I feel that if you have a purpose, a clear purpose, and a goal, and then you figure out the practical way to achieve that so that it’s sustainable, so that you can afford it.


So that you won’t burn out, things like that, and you’re passionate enough about it to carry you through then I think that that is probably an approach that works out the best for the far majority of you.


I think it gives you room to change and to pivot to something as your circumstances and your situation changes because if it was aligned to a long-term goal and it’s wildly practical and it’s profitable enough then that means that it could probably fund the thing that you’re the most passionate about later.

Focused on Right Niche
So I’m gonna throw another P word in here, prioritizing. I think that this is just a way of setting your priorities and then that helps you narrow the focus of your niche.

I think you also have to take into consideration what audience you want to reach, what their interests are, and that you have to be in alignment with that and that could be difficult.

The audience that you end up serving may not mean creating content that you love the most versus what performs for them so just keep that in mind.

Anyway, I hope this article gives you guys a better idea of what you can do to really narrow down your niche, figure out what you need to be focused on right now and how that’s going to help you. 

This is something that I think is important as a content creator whether you’re doing YouTube or a podcast.

I also think that it is one of the most important things you can do for your personal brand and so that’s definitely something that I would advise you to figure out sooner rather than later.


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