How to increase AdMob earning with Edit Other Apps

How to increase AdMob earning?

Do you want to make money with mobile apps? Are you an application developer, if yes you have no problem if not you can use other mobile applications to make money with AdMob. Here is the solution how How to increase AdMob earning with other apps like MX Player, photo editors, games, music player, and other apps.
Lots of applications AdMob id can’t editable. you can check some older version of these apps to edit AdMob id.
Full details about how I edit the code:
Step 1: 
Install APK Editor apps
Download Link Here
Step 2: 
Choose Select Apk from App
Step 3:
Choose any app to Edit
Step 4:
Choose Full Edit (Resource Re-build)
Step 5:
Select Default On top of Screen
Step 6:
There you can see Add Mob id to edit.
Choose AdMob banner id, interstitial id and change the add code
You can add own code.
Watch the video I edit the code.

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