How to Increase Social Media Followers 2020

How to increase social media followers organically in 2020?

Hey everybody, how to Increase Social media Followers naturally? I am going to helping you create something awesome today. We all know that social media is an awesome way to grow a community, build your following, build your brand, or even help your business. But, how to increase social media followers fast?

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How to Increase Social Media Followers
How to Increase Social Media Followers

There is a very special and particular thing that you could do that would grow your social media presence and it’s actually really easy. This is something that a lot of people overlook but there is a feature in most social media platforms called notifications.

When a user activates notifications, they’re saying that they want to get all of your posts, all of your updates, they want to know what you’re up to pretty much at all times, and this can be amazing because it means that you can get more interaction and engagement from those followers who choose to turn on their notifications.

How to grow social media followers for business?

When you have a particular group of users that are on your notifications all the time and they want to engage with you on a regular basis, this is what’s called your notification squad.

Building your notification squad is one of the best and fastest ways to grow your online presence because any social media platform favors a profile that’s getting massive amounts of engagement especially if they’re getting it immediately after they post.

In the case of YouTube, YouTube and its algorithm favor viewers that add more watch time to your videos but specifically, promote videos that get more watch time in the first 24 hours.

I also have some anecdotal evidence that if you get more engagement and more watch time in the first hour that a video goes live, it actually helps your videos perform better.

I’ve actually seen this happen and you can actually tell because in the YouTube mobile app and in the YouTube analytics dashboard, you actually see something called real-time views and it actually shows you the first 48 hours and also the first hour. 

YouTube won’t highlight that if it wasn’t important. On Instagram, it’s actually something that I’ve seen happening pretty regularly where if I have a post and more of my notification squad engages on that post within that first hour.

How do you gain followers organically?

It actually performs better and reaches a larger audience than it would normally.

If you’ve ever built websites before, you know that the analytics and tracking for websites measure hour to hour and day to day traffic.

Social media platforms are no different, they want people to be engaged, they want as much traffic as possible, and they want a high level of activity and if your profile is providing that, then they’re going to reward you for it.

Building your notification squad, creating a reason for people to engage in the first hour that you put out content on a platform is something that could rapidly just grow you in social media and get you more exposure, more attention, and it can be very favorable in these algorithms. 

Proven Tactics of How to Increase Social Media Followers

Now, here are some ways you can actually build your notification squad. In the case of YouTube, my audience is actually used to the idea that I engage in the first hour but if I wanted to get more people to pay attention and to engage in that first hour.

I could simply remind people in my videos to make sure that they’re commenting and answering my question of the day in the comments section and that I’m going to engage with people heavily for that first hour and that’s a better way to get a reply from me. 

The same is true over in Instagram with Instagram Stories and the live streaming that I can do there as well.

Some people actually use giveaways to get people onto their notification squad and it’s actually a pretty good idea if you can tie it to some kind of timer or countdown and that could really help people decide that they’re going to turn on notifications for you versus someone else, so doing a giveaway could be a way to help.

The question of the day, what is your favorite social media platform, and why? 
I would really love to know in the comments section. Are you someone who’s more on Instagram? Are you still hanging in there with Snapchat?

Are you somebody who is a big fan of Twitter-like me? Or are you someone who is a YouTube creator and if so, what brought you to the platform? 

Why are you on YouTube or Instagram or Snapchat? And why is it your favorite platform versus any other? I would really love to know. Check out the other awesome stuff here website.

In fact, if you are into social media and growth hacks, I think it’ll help you guys out. As always, you guys, thanks so very much for visiting, and don’t forget, go out there and create something awesome today. Take care.


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