How to rotate windows screen (Windows 10 )

How to rotate or flip the screen of computer windows?

Sometimes, we got the problem like windows screen to rotate by yourself or your children. You can not rotate with your mouse. You may use the built-in display settings, your photographs card settings, or even a keyboard shortcut. we will outline all the options of How to rotate windows screen.

How to rotate windows screen


You can try to rotate your laptop or computer display is with a keyboard shortcut. Whether or not this gives you the results you want or not will depend on the hardware and software program for your laptop. some software program can also rotate the screen.

Here is a simple solution of how to rotate windows screen?   

How to rotate windows screen
  • Right click on a desktop
  • Click Display setting
  • You can choose a landscape from there.
  • Choose and save it.
How to rotate windows screen
Hit CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow


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