Phone Overheating and Battery Draining so Fast (Won’t Turn On)

Why is my Phone Overheating and Battery Draining so quickly ?

You can use the smartphone anywhere. What you do when smartphone heat while using?

Why is the phone overheating? 

Here are five tips and reasons for Android Phone Overheating.

Need to relax:
The most important reason for getting smartphones is smartphone too much to use.

Even when connecting the phone to different external devices such as the speaker, Wi-Fi signal, and Bluetooth device, the phone’s work is enhanced and prompted. 

The phone also takes a long time playing games on the phone or using an app.

Constantly photo and video capture work also Call.

That’s why your smartphone needs rest. If you have been using a phone for a long time, give a little rest.

Keep some phone off screen off. Even when driving a phone, it reduces the weight of its brightness.

Very hot or cold weather: 
Not smartphones but the external environment are responsible for Phone Overheating and Battery Draining.

The smartphone is smart, but it does not have to be made for a lot of heat and very cold.

So save the phone from very cold and very hot. Do not keep the phone as usual.

Do not even call for a place where you are more concentrated.

Virus on the phone: 
Phone problems cause a problem when a virus attacks on a phone or when the virus is in-app.

So do not download the app of unrecognized or suspicious sources.

You can turn off the option of downloading an app that comes from the unique source by visiting the phone settings.

If there is a virus on the phone, then make the phone fun.

Phone cover: 
The outer shell is placed on the phone for the protection of the smartphone.

But if the phone is safe, then the same method adopted is sometimes the cause of the problem and the problem of phone failure occurs.

So keep the phone out of the outer shell and put it on a little while. Keeping in the shell, charging and using too much is not good when you do not.

Battery monitoring: 
The lithium battery is very weak. Sometimes the smartphone gets caused due to battery problems or Phone Overheating and Battery Draining problem.

In some cases, the problem of the battery is heard and the phone has been heard.

Therefore, attention to battery security should be taken. Do not charge more battery than required. It is good to charge 80-90 percent each time the flower’s charge. This tips help you to fix Phone Overheating and Battery Draining fast problem. 

When using a good charger and replacing the battery, the corresponding brand must have a good battery.

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