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Thursday, July 23, 2020

How to start a youtube gaming channel for free? Make Money with Gaming Channel

How to Start Gaming Channel on YouTube ?

In this post learn how to start a youtube gaming channel, and make money from gamin channel. So, you can earn money by creating your YouTube Gaming Channel on YouTube. If you want know much information about it, then you should read this post.

I know you love the playing game in your laptop pc or mobile. So you guys know that the playing game can also be earn money from home.

YouTube also promote gaming category channel and they also earning lot of money from youtube.

In gaming channel there is more chance to earn money and growth of your channel. Now Gaming Channels is very low competition, you can search gaming keyword in google keyword planner tool.

How you can make money with blogging ?

So, let’s get started to learn how to start a youtube gaming channel, to make more money in 2020.

Tips to Setup a successful YouTube Gaming channel in 2020?

Plan Your Content
Content is most important thing to your channel growth before creating video, decide what kind of video is up next?

To keep increase your YouTube channel growth you must focus in best content. Amazing or interesting video content engage more people’s in your channel.

What is trending in current time? To find related and trending content do some research like Reading comment, searching on forum, social media group and search in internet. Like in 2020 PUBG, FreeFire game are trending game.

Some Equipments and Video Recording Software for gameplay recording

Ok, when you choose a content some equipments are required to make your video. i.e. Computer, Mobile.

If you want voiceover in your video you need a mic for audio recording. Screen Recording software in your computer or mobile devices.

Most important thing is that video recording software and video editing software requires.

In gaming video to play on, you may be need equipments like computer or mobile (Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo). If you recording video from your mobile phone and computer there is no need any tools like that.

In advance level of gaming play you need more tools performing the action. If you going live stream of gaming video, live streaming software or device also required.

Build your network in social media sites: Make page in social media like facebook, instagram, Reddit, Pinterest and others. Active in this platform with sharing video and photo stories.

Connect your Audience
Make reply on your YouTube Video comment. Ask them what they want to be watch and improve your skill also. With Ignoring all bad comment help make community with audience.

How to start a youtube gaming channel for free?

When you publish your video, build network or engaging with peoples you are starting to make money from youtube gaming channel.
If you want record gameplay video using Google Play Games app Read this
How to record and share your gameplay from Google play games?

How to Make YouTube Gaming Channel?

First you need a google account and you have a youtube channel. Make gmail id and create game related keyword channel name.

To create account go to and sign in your account with google id.

When you click sign in it prompt the create your channel name. After creating YouTube Channel make channel logo, channel art.

If you don’t know how to create the channel art and channel logo Read this: how to create the channel art

How to start a youtube gaming channel

Now choose the topic of video content, and start recording the gaming video. Before uploading the video you must research keyword to rank your video.

Making a social media page, sharing the video in social media and bookmarking site bringing the audience in your video to grow your channel.

Try to make some unique and different content from others, which help you to bring some audience and subscribers to your channel.

I see many people who don’t know about money making from gaming youtube channel. With this tips help you to make money with your gaming video and adsense.

Playing game is not hard work, when you playing game in your mobile screen record the game edit this and upload the video.

Google adsense
To earn money from youtube video first option is Google Adsense. In Adsense you can earn money with different way like super chat, merchandise the product and sell to your viewers or subscriber in 2020.

To approve in google adsense you have to complete 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours watch time in one year. It is not to difficult to gain this.

Make some unique video, share it with social media platforms and your friends, ask them to subscribe and watch the video.

After getting 4000 hours watch time you can apply to adsense and monetize your content. Keep reading to learn how to start a youtube gaming channel.

(Remember that sub for sub to increase subscribe and watch time is most danger for your YouTube channel health)
Buying viewers and subscribers will also negative impact in your channel.

Super Chat:
To turn on this feature to your channel get the option of monetization name. You can turn on your super chat option. Then you can earn money when you live stream your gaming channel.

Note: Live stream is activate when you have 1000 subscribers in your channel.


Merchandise the product:
In 2020, youtube launched new option to earn money from selling your products to your viewers or subscribers. Like, you can launch the t-shirt and sell the t-shirts with your channel brand name. You can sell your product with channel logo.

In 2020, another option to earn money from youtube is YouTube Membership. This feature will work when you have a good numbers of subscribers. If you have built community and your subscribers want to connect with you, they pay little money to this membership.

Affiliate Marketing:
It is the best way to earn money from those videos. If you thinking google ads is only way to earn money from videos, you are wrong. Affiliate Marketing income is 10 time greater than youtube ads income.

If you don’t know about affiliate marketing try to little time to learn more about money making method from online.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a platform where you can earn money from promoting any product with affiliate link (Referral code). Promote products links in your video description, when someone click your link and buy your product, you get certain percentage of commission.

In your video you can share different affiliate link like what you used to play game like: keyboard, mouse. Amazon is the great affiliate site to earn money by selling their products.


Before starting earn money from youtube lets prepare some creative.

  • How to find best youtube channel name?
  • How to create a channel art?
  • How to make attractive thumbnail?
  • How to gain 1000 subscribers fast?
  • How to complete 4000 hours watch-time in YouTube?
  • How to get more views on YouTue?
  • How to choose correct niche for your youtube video?
  • How to screen record of your mobile screen?
  • How to screen record of your laptop pc screen?
  • How to edit audio in youtube video?

When you start the new YouTube channel, focus on new game. When any new games are launched make video on same time to get more views and engage with your audience.

If you do that your channel growth rate is high. With this tips you can easily start make money from your youtube gaming channel.

So, don’t take any time to apply this method to earn money from YouTube. Start earn money by recording playing game videos.

I hope you like you like the articles. Don’t forget to share those friends who play game lots of time. They also can be make money from gaming YouTube Channel with uploading videos.


Thursday, June 25, 2020

Do Your Homework Before Online Shopping in 2020

Read This Tips Before Online Shopping

Online shopping has become mainstream and I love it. Do your Homework before online shopping. It is so easy and convenient to just go home and look online for an item compared to driving down to the mall to look at something in a store. However, just like buying an item in a store, it is still important that you do your homework and shop around when buying stuff online.

Before Online Shopping
Before Online Shopping

Check Out the Big Stores

First, you should still check out the websites of the big stores when shopping online. Many stores offer competitive online prices that are different than what you would find in their stores. Beyond the brick and mortar stores, you should also look at Amazon, since they sell pretty much anything you could ever want.

Check Out Private Sellers

Depending on the type of item you are looking to buy, you should look at what private sellers are offering. You can do this by either typing in the description of the product on Google and see what comes up, or go to a site like eBay and see what listings are available. While many think of eBay as a place for unique items, many sellers sell regular commodity-type items as well and offer them for great prices.

Also, you may even want to look locally, such as Craigslist. You could find a used item for what you are looking for and save a ton of money Before Online Shopping.

Look for Coupons

Finally, just like going to a regular store, many online sellers offer all types of coupons. Some stores call them coupons, others call them a discount or promotional codes, but no matter what they are called, they can save you money. No matter what website you use, you should check out to see if there are any promotional codes available.

There are several websites that aggregate all different types of promotional codes together. A popular one is Promo Codes for Online Shopping, but there are many others as well. Just search for the company you are looking for, and see what discounts and promotions you may be able to use. It is quick and can save your money online.


Thursday, April 2, 2020

How to Find Profitable Niche For Blogging in 2020

How to find profitable niche for blogging ?

Today i share about how to finding your profitable niche for your blog and website. I want you to be able to find the place where you fit in, the place where you feel you’re going to be successful, where you’re gonna get a win and I want you to understand that finding your niche and a focus for your content and for your brand is very powerful so that’s what we’re gonna be talking about today.

What should my blog niche be?

I’m gonna give you my best advice for figuring out what your niche is and what to do about it. As a creative entrepreneur, I’ve learned the importance of building your personal brand and content is a big part of that is one of the foundations of your personal brand and one of the pillars of your success in the digital age.

How to Find Profitable Niche For Blogging

How do I start a niche blog?

The struggle for most people is not the ability to make content for the most part and there are ways you can overcome the technological aspects of that there are ways that you can overcome the platforms but what you really have to figure out is what you’re going to do in the first place and who you’re going to make content for. 

Which blog niche makes the most money?

To figure out your niche you need to figure out where you fit. Because people aren’t just one thing this is a struggle for a lot of you.


A lot of you have a lot of different interests and you’d love to just be able to combine them and just put them all in one place whether that’s your blog, or your podcast, or YouTube channel, you want the ability and the freedom to explore all of your interest. 

The problem with that is that when you’re trying to build an audience that leads to confusion and it also means that it can hurt your numbers in terms of people sticking with you.

To being loyal, and it is because their expectations are not being met which is why a lot of people will give you the advice of niche-ing down and narrowing your focus to a specific topic, or a specific group, or genre, or something like that.


While this can feel limiting and constricting it’s actually one those practical things you can do and it doesn’t have to be limiting. 

How to Find Profitable Niche For Blogging

The thing is people have a hard time prioritizing and choosing, well out of these three things that I like, or out of these five things that I like, what is it that I should be focused on? And I have some advice on that.


The common thing that you’ll hear and that you’re probably expecting me to say is to, well, do the thing that you are most passionate about. And while that’s not bad advice I feel it’s incomplete advice.


Passion isn’t always necessarily sustainable and what you’re passionate about may not be lucrative enough, profitable enough, for you to be able to maintain and sustain it or even grow it. 

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What are you trying to achieve?

So I feel like you have to think about first what your purpose is, what are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to build your name, your reputation, and your career?


Because what you’re passionate about may not encompass those objectives or your ultimate ambition and it may not be something that aligns and connects with it so you have to consider that. You also have to, of course, consider practicality. 

How do you know if a niche is profitable?

Do you have the means and resources to achieve the thing that you’re passionate about or the thing that is your purpose, and which one of those is easier to develop and to build out right now for where you’re at? How to Find Profitable Niche For Blogging.


And so, for the time being, you might need to think about what your ambition is what’s the easiest thing out of all the things you love that you can do without being overwhelmed so it’s sustainable, and so that when things are difficult, it’s still not a dead end. And so I feel like that is the more sure approach overall.

I feel that if you have a purpose, a clear purpose, and a goal, and then you figure out the practical way to achieve that so that it’s sustainable, so that you can afford it.


So that you won’t burn out, things like that, and you’re passionate enough about it to carry you through then I think that that is probably an approach that works out the best for the far majority of you.


I think it gives you room to change and to pivot to something as your circumstances and your situation changes because if it was aligned to a long-term goal and it’s wildly practical and it’s profitable enough then that means that it could probably fund the thing that you’re the most passionate about later.

Focused on Right Niche
So I’m gonna throw another P word in here, prioritizing. I think that this is just a way of setting your priorities and then that helps you narrow the focus of your niche.

I think you also have to take into consideration what audience you want to reach, what their interests are, and that you have to be in alignment with that and that could be difficult.

The audience that you end up serving may not mean creating content that you love the most versus what performs for them so just keep that in mind.

Anyway, I hope this article gives you guys a better idea of what you can do to really narrow down your niche, figure out what you need to be focused on right now and how that’s going to help you. 

This is something that I think is important as a content creator whether you’re doing YouTube or a podcast.

I also think that it is one of the most important things you can do for your personal brand and so that’s definitely something that I would advise you to figure out sooner rather than later.


Monday, October 22, 2018

Amazon Became the Trillion Dollar Company

Amazon became the trillion dollar company after the Apple   

The e-commerce company Amazon has become the world's second-largest company with an estimated $ 10 billion dollar market value.

Following Amazon, as the world's first company to cross $ 10 trillion dollars, is Amazon, has created history.

The market value of the Amazon Company has reached $ 10 billion, with the share of the Amazon's share price rising at a peak at the last time, with a sharp increase of $ 2050.

Amazon Became the Trillion Dollar Company

Apple had just succeeded this month last month.

Remind only 50 days ago, Amazon created a history of 100 million items in one day. On the premiere Prime Day, Amazon created a new record on online shopping.

Amazon Web Services and Amazon Logistics, as Amazon's premier company, have been successful as a successful company's company, making it easier for Amazon to cross $ 10 billion dollars.

Even Amazon has succeeded with Smart Assistant Speaker Eco, despite failing in smartphone business with hardware phones in hardware.