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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Google play music is no longer available solution 2021

This year 2020, Google play music is no longer available. This means you will no longer be able to listen to your music using Google Play Music. However, your music library will remain intact and can still be transferred to YouTube Music – you will have a minimum of 30 days after losing access to Google Play Music to complete your transfer.

How to Fix Google Play Music is No Longer Available Solution 2021

Download the old version of Google play music and do not update these apps.



Friday, August 21, 2020

FRP Bypass APK Download for Bypass Google Account 2020

FRP Bypass APK Download for Google Account bypass 2020

With this simple FRP Bypass APK file, you can bypass google account lock of android mobiles. Download and save FRP APK file in your memory card or pen drive, then connect your android mobile phone with OTG or direct download from our website and save it and install your phone.
If You want to watch video how to bypass google account visit our YouTube Page BRB Academy
Thank you for visiting. If you find any problem with FRP Byapss APK file please comment below. This apk file works on any android mobile with any verson.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Samsung j7 FRP bypass 7.0 Version ( J7 NXT J701 Google Account Bypass)

Samsung j7 FRP bypass 7.0 Version ( J7 NXT J701 Google Account Bypass)

Now effectively, Samsung j7 FRP bypass without PC with most recent strategy 2020, in this technique you don’t need any PC/LAPTOP, we will utilize “Talkback” choice in this technique to open “Google CHROME”, and will download just APK file, and after that add new Gmail record to bypass FRP Protection from Samsung system j7 NXT

What is FRP [Factory Reset Protection]

Google presented FRP in all android telephones running on 5.0 or higher android versions.
FRP assurance is an inbuilt security highlight of the Android mobile to ensure the client’s information, records, and protection from others.

For instance on the off chance that you overlook your Samsung gadget anyplace and on the off chance that anybody will attempt to perform manufacturing plant reset to open your gadget then he has to enter amend Google account qualifications which you were utilized on your gadget.

Generally, that individual can’t get to your gadget. So Google account check is a propelled security include until the point that you don’t impair it yourself by empowering OEM open.

Now imagine a scenario in which you overlook your Google account username and secret word and now it’s requesting that you “Confirm Google account” by entering Google account qualifications.

Try not to stress we are here for you and today we will disclose to you how to erase Google account confirmation on Samsung J7 Naught version or Galaxy j7 NXT?

You must continue to the following stages:

  • Connect the phone to a Wifi Network (ideally your Home system)
    Google Account logging in screen appears.
  • Tap the content field in which the record ought to be embedded until the point that the Keyboard comes up
  • Tap and hold the “@” character until the point when a Settings menu flies up.
  • Select Google Keyboard Settings.
  • Tap on the 3 specks in the best piece of the screen (or More relying upon what Android OS you are running).
  • Select the Help&Feedback thing and select anything in the rundown that will take after
  • From the Help segment.
  • Tap on Using Google Keyboard.
  • Long press to choose any content on this page and tap on Web-search in the upper right corner.
  • A hunt field will have appeared (erase the content inside the pursuit field).
  • Sort Settings in the hunt field
  • Look down until you find”About Phone” and tap it.
  • Enter the menu and search for Build Number.
  • Tap 7 times on the Build Number to empower Developer Options.
  • Come back to the past menu and open the Developer Option that just showed up
  • Permit OEM Unlocking and tap Back two times.
  • Restart the gadget
  • Associate it to Wifi once more
  • Notice how you won’t be incited to sign in the past Google Account and rather the phone will request that you ADD another Google Account.
  • Include the new record and your mobile will be prepared to utilize.

Watch this supportive video that will control you through the procedure:
Samsung j7 FRP bypass

Download Samsung USB Driver in your Computer:

Zip file: Download

Here is the Video Solution How to bypass FRP of Samsung j7 FRP bypass


Vivo Y71 Hard Reset (Bypass Google Account)

Vivo Y71 hard reset method

Method 1 :

Step 1: Turn off Mobile

Step 2: Press Power button and Volume Up Button for a few seconds (there should be show recovery option.)

Step 3: Click Recovery Option

Step  4: Choose Wipe and clear all data.

If it, not workes move to the next step…
But There should be a problem

Some phone asked to draw the pattern and pin again, in this case, what should do?

If you have to face this problem you came to the right place. You can easily remove FRP or pattern by hard reset Vivo Y71 1801.

Method 2:

Hard reset vivo y71  to reset pattern face unlock and google FRP account

First, download the software

VIVO Y71 FRP Unlock File



(Note that disable your antivirus before install and download software.)

After that Install, Qualcomm driver link is given below.

Open RBSOFT Mobile tools

After that

Power off phone,

Press volume up and down together and connect with data cable with your computer.

Select if there is error comes

Let’s move to the next step.

To fix these issue you need to open back cover of your phone.

1. Eject sim Tray and open the back cover of your phone.

2. There might be some screw around camera side.

3. Open it and disconnect the cable

4. There you can find this type of point ( + and  -).

Vivo y71 hard reset
5. Press this two button together and connect the data cable with your computer.

Vivo y71 hard reset
Vivo y71 hard reset
Vivo y71 hard reset

Hope your problem will solve now it automatically reset the password.
If you have facing any problem comment below.


Samsung J2 Core FRP bypass 2020 (SM-J260G) Google Account Bypass (8.1.0 Oreo Version)

  1. uuSamsung J2 Core FRP Bypass 2020 (8.1.0 oreo version)

It is a new method of 2019 to FRP bypass of sm-j260g or j2 core with easy method.

With this method, you can remove FRP lock of all Samsung mobile 8.1.0 oreo version. After doing a hard reset it requires previous google account id and password. if you forget this, you need to bypass this.

Simple step to j2 core frp bypass in 2020 :

Step 1: Connect wifi. (More Steps, watch the video)

Step 2: Download Software Download Link (or you can search and download 

Samsung FRP Helper V0.2)

Step 3: Extract the software (More Steps, watch the video)


Step 4: Connect the cable with mobile (more info in the video.)

Step 5: Dail any number 

Step 6: Click Share Option.

 Step 7: Click Googles Go.

Step 8: Choose Open With Browser. (more info in the video.)

Step 9: Open

Step 10: Add another google account and..

Step 11:  Reboot the Phone
You Successfully removed the j2 core frp or google account of Samsung J2 Core 8.1.0 Version.


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

itel Phone Password Reset Code

itel Phone Password Reset Code

How to reset ITEL Keypad Mobile Phones (Security Code to reset Factory Default)? How to wipe all data in ITEL Keypad Mobiles? Bypass screen lock in itel keypad mobiles? Restore defaults of itel keypad mobile phones. Here is the itel phone password reset code.

With this tutorials you will able to factory reset master reset of all keypad Mobile Phones.

Sometimes Keypad Phone will lock with security code, so we can not reset with defaults security codes.
Here is the solution
Go to your keypad phone.
Type *#0*# in mobile
It Show Reset Default Setting Click ok
all done
Now Default code is 1234


All Samsung FRP Unlock Tool Free Download 2020

Download All Samsung FRP Unlock Tool

Do you searching for Download Samsung FRP Unlock tool for the latest model for home windows pc? Samsung FRP hijacker or Samsung FEP release device is a small application which allows Samsung customers to skip FRP lock on their Android smartphones.

Simply download the portable utility from the hyperlink given and start bypassing FRP lock on Samsung devices in only one tap. 

it has ADB function to skip the FRP verification procedure. and I assume it’s going to certainly paintings for your device if it won’t paintings you then should attempt any other one from this listing.


This is the portable model of this tool, so you can at once launch and use this device without installing. there is the lot of FRP free up gear available for Samsung on the net. but we always recommend the satisfactory one. get the Samsung FRP hijacker device and unlock FRP for the youSamsungng device in just one click on.

Samsung FRP liberates device present-day model carries the lot of effective features which can be listed below…

All Samsung FRP Unlock Tool Free Download

Get rid of FRP lock on Samsung gadgets in only one tap.
pass FRP on download mode “Odin mode”.
put off FRP out of your smartphone dialer.

Note in case you are having the hassle to download the report, then please sense loose to contact us by way of using the contact page.

Download All Samsung FRP Unlock Tool

At the end of this article, I need to thanks for thinking about journeying this website. I hope you favored this text. if you preferred it then please proportion it with your friends and circle of relatives.

if you have any question, doubt or suggestion for this article, then comment it down inside the remark segment. and visit this internet site again for greater tech answers.


10 Tips to Fix iPhone Battery Draining Fast When not in Use 2020

Does your iPhone battery drain fast all time? Are you facing a problem like iPhone battery charging faster and drain faster, what is the solution to iPhone battery drain quickly? 

10 Proven Tips to Fix iPhone Battery Draining Fast and quickly

Disable Location Services:

When your data and WiFi turn on location automatically detected. Most software uses location using GPS and passes information to others to find where you are and where is other places are. It uses more battery and drains suddenly. I recommended turning it off when it not usable.
To Disable location services.
  • Go to the setting.
  • Tap Privacy
  • Tap Location services 
  • Toggle the switch next to disable location.

Why is iPhone Battery Draining too Fast?

Update Applications and Software:

There might my problem with your outdated applications and iOS software. Check your apple phone and optimize their apps for the latest version. Sometimes it can improve your battery life.

You can update apps from the app store manually or update them all from the setting.
  • Open store
  • Tap updates at bottom of the screen.
  • Tap Updates all.


⏩⏩Try to Cut Widgets in Home Screen

Widgets are always refreshed automatically every second. Every second it refreshes, it drains the battery faster.

To remove widgets
Scroll down to the bottom of the widgets page > tap to edit.
Tap red circle
There will be a delete button > tap delete > tap was done.

iPhone Battery Draining Fast Overnight?

⏩Check iPhone Battery Usage in Setting

This is a simple step but it can decrease your problem. Follow these steps to check your battery status.
  • Go to setting on your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap on battery.
  • The battery usage feature will load in a few seconds.
  • Tap 7 days to see battery usage in the last 7 days.
  • You can see each app usage information.
  • From there you can remove apps that used most battery.


Enable Low Power Mode in Setting.

To enable low power mode your iPhone must be running with iOS 9 and later. When you enable low power mode, the battery can use longer than normal mode.
  • Go to the setting.
  • Tap Battery.
  • Switch the low power mode and turn it on.


Turn off Raise to Wake

Do you know these features? When you pick up your iPhone or move it, it automatically wakes your iPad or iPhone. Sensors which are always alarmed for an event, it decreases your iPhone battery. This feature is available on up to iOS 10.

To enable this setting:

  • Go to the setting.
  • Tap display and brightness.
  • Toggle the switch next to rise to wake (turn it off).


Turn off vibration
Sometimes vibration reduces battery life. If you turn off your battery life can be improved.
  • Go to setting 
  • Sounds
  • Turn off Vibration.


Turn off Background refresh

If you are not using any apps, they say to update or refresh your app. At this time what you choose?

To turn off background refresh.

  • Go to setting
  • General
  • Background App refresh
  • Toggle to background app refresh.

iPhone Battery Draining Fast After Update?

Turn off Auto-brightness feature

This feature always keeps the display at a full level. You must disable this to improve your battery life. You can manually manage the brightness level in your iPad or iPhone.

To manage auto brightness

  • Go to setting 
  • Tap display
  • There you can turn off auto-brightness
  • Or you can manually manage the brightness yourself.

Turn off Wi-Fi (When it is not in use)

Always turn off wifi when it is not needed. In most off the case, wifi takes or consume more battery power. It always searching new network around yourself. To turn off wifi do this step
  • Go to setting
  • Tap wifi
  • Choose to turn it off.


After doing that if the problem is not solved you must try to reset your phone.

Sometimes your application can be caused by battery draining.
To reset your phone

Go to setting > General > there is a reset button at last.


⏩Tips help you to stop the iPhone battery draining fast. if not replace with a new one. If the battery isn’t working perfectly then go to the Apple Authorized Apple service center and fix it. Please let us know in the comments.

How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected on Mobile Phones

How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected on Android Mobile Phones?

In the latest versions of Samsung (Marshmallow) have the problem like screen overlay detected. How to fix Screen overlay detected is one of the maximum irritating error on android marshmallow version of Samsung devices and it’s going to hold on stressful till you find an ultimate solution for this error. On this put up, we are going to talk about how to turn off screen overlay on any Samsung device.

Watch Video for more information

You are installing any new app on your Samsung android mobile phones, then you need to allow sure permissions consisting of touch, storage, digital camera and etc. and if even as putting in any new app, energetic screen overlay settings are discovered then all at once you will see a popup with message “display screen overlay detected” for your Samsung.

How can I change the screen overlay setting

 Step 1: Download and install “Install Button Unlocker” 

Download Link

How to Fix Screen Overlay
How to Fix Screen Overlay


Step 2: Open app
Step 3: Turn on Button unlocker
Step 4: Permit drawing over the apps
Step 5: That’s it you can change the permission and screen overlay problem fixed.



How to Fix Screen Overlay
How to Fix Screen Overlay

How to Fix Screen Overlay
How to Fix Screen Overlay
How to Fix Screen Overlay
fix screen overlay
fix screen overlay
fix screen overlay

Phone Overheating and Battery Draining so Fast (Won't Turn On)

Why is my Phone Overheating and Battery Draining so quickly ?

You can use the smartphone anywhere. What you do when smartphone heat while using?

Why is the phone overheating? 

Here are five tips and reasons for Android Phone Overheating.

Need to relax:
The most important reason for getting smartphones is smartphone too much to use.

Even when connecting the phone to different external devices such as the speaker, Wi-Fi signal, and Bluetooth device, the phone’s work is enhanced and prompted. 

The phone also takes a long time playing games on the phone or using an app.

Constantly photo and video capture work also Call.

That’s why your smartphone needs rest. If you have been using a phone for a long time, give a little rest.

Keep some phone off screen off. Even when driving a phone, it reduces the weight of its brightness.

Very hot or cold weather: 
Not smartphones but the external environment are responsible for Phone Overheating and Battery Draining.

The smartphone is smart, but it does not have to be made for a lot of heat and very cold.

So save the phone from very cold and very hot. Do not keep the phone as usual.

Do not even call for a place where you are more concentrated.

Virus on the phone: 
Phone problems cause a problem when a virus attacks on a phone or when the virus is in-app.

So do not download the app of unrecognized or suspicious sources.

You can turn off the option of downloading an app that comes from the unique source by visiting the phone settings.

If there is a virus on the phone, then make the phone fun.

Phone cover: 
The outer shell is placed on the phone for the protection of the smartphone.

But if the phone is safe, then the same method adopted is sometimes the cause of the problem and the problem of phone failure occurs.

So keep the phone out of the outer shell and put it on a little while. Keeping in the shell, charging and using too much is not good when you do not.

Battery monitoring: 
The lithium battery is very weak. Sometimes the smartphone gets caused due to battery problems or Phone Overheating and Battery Draining problem.

In some cases, the problem of the battery is heard and the phone has been heard.

Therefore, attention to battery security should be taken. Do not charge more battery than required. It is good to charge 80-90 percent each time the flower’s charge. This tips help you to fix Phone Overheating and Battery Draining fast problem. 

When using a good charger and replacing the battery, the corresponding brand must have a good battery.


Why is My Phone Charging Slow and Dying Fast Samsung iPhone 2020

Why is my phone charging slow and dying fast Samsung?

In this article you will learn why is my phone charging slow and dying fast in mobile phones. All the smartphone based on the Android Operating System (Android OS) around the world is most popular. Popularity is one of the main reasons that its price is far less than Apple iPhone and Blackberry Mobile.

why is my phone charging slow and dying fast
why is my phone charging slow and dying fast

Due to the low price it is also in the reach of the common people. But there are only two problems in Android smartphones that their users are always upset. First, despite being a slow down in the smartphone and the second battery is quick down.

Today I will tell about solving these two problems how you can make your Android smartphone fast and how smartphone how to increase the speed of Android smartphone and how to stop the battery expense?

Why is my phone charging slow and dying fast?

Disable the System Apps:

When we buy a new smartphone, the company installs some apps. Some apps are necessary and some trials are in version. Such games such as many such apps that are already present in your phone.

If you do not use and if you do it, then the limit of using soon after the trial version is expired. These apps continue to move in your smartphone’s memory and spend the battery quickly. Therefore, the apps that are used should be closed (disable).

How to Disable System Apps?

To disable System apps, you will have to go to your smartphone’s settings. In the smartphone’s settings, you must find the Apps (Application Manager) option.

This option is mainly found in the settings option but it can also be at different places in different smartphones.

When you get this option, open it. Now under the ALL tab, you will see the list of Install Apps in your smartphone.

You have to find those games / apps that you are not using. When you get that apps, tap them.

In Android-Apps-or-Application-Manager-Option Apps (Application Manager) you must have tap on the Up all tab.

Read : How to Fix Phone won’t turn on due to overheating 

Usually, when you think the apps screen will slip from the left or right from the right, you will see 5 tables under the apps: Downloaded, SD Card, Running, All, Disable.

You have to tap on the All tab. Now under the ALL tab, you will see the list of Install Apps in your smartphone.

You have to find those games / apps that you are not using. When you get that apps, tap them.
Disable-Unwanted-System-Apps Note: There will be some apps here whose systems have a key role in running.

Therefore, there is a need to pay attention to an app closing. You can disable the apps of this: Inbuilt Games & Live Wallpapers, Google+, Google Drive, Google Play Books, Google Hangouts, Google Play Unwanted Other Apps Etc.

When you will tap on the app, you will see the App Info page. Here you just have to tap on the disable button. As soon as you will tap on disable. They will ask you to confirm, then you have to do it by tap on ok.

How to Enable Tap-to-Disable-Apps again?

If you have accidentally disable an app, then there is no disturbance. You just have to do that again in Apps Manager and tap on the Disable tab instead of the All tab and accidentally disable the disable.

Remove the apps without using:

Many times it happens that we continue to install the apps in our smartphone, but do not use them. And these apps keep slowing down your smartphone as well as the batteries do. You can see these apps visiting the app.

To remove these apps, go to Apps (Apps Manager) and then downloaded on TAB. Now under the downloaded, you will see the list of all downloaded apps. Tap it on to find a waste app in this list. Tap on the uninstall button on the App info page and then by tap on OK.

Turn off the opening operation / service of the system:

We keep using your smartphone regular, but do not pay attention that after using a service, it has to stop it. Why is my phone charging slow and dying fast in mobile phones.

As we share music, movies, videos and apps with others, but after sharing WiFi, Bluetooth etc. are forgotten to close the services. Wifi, Bluetooth, Location and Data Connection are some such services that spend the battery in the very high.

By closing them, you will be able to use more smartphones for about 30 minutes. These services can be closed from the Quick Access menu by going to the smartphone settings or on the button given in the notification bar in the upper corner.

Reduce the brightness of the Stop-Unwanted-Services screen (brightness):

Smartphone phone backlight brightness (brightness) If more open then it costs your smartphone battery more and your eye Eyes can also go by having more gloss. That’s why it is good to use the necessary brightness instead of more brightness.

To reduce Brightness, go to the settings and increase the brightness of the screen by tap and increase the brightness and if you want to avoid the glowing decrease and increase, then on the AUTO option given in Brightness Install LOW-Brightness RAM Cleaner and Battery Saver App: And in the end the most important is that a good RAM Cleaner App is installed.

360 Security AntiVirus Boost and Clean Master are some such apps that remind you to clean it on the RAM of your smartphone. Reminds the apps running in the background to stop the RAM Cleaner App repeatedly to stop this, which are spending too much your battery.

If you keep in mind the things that are told above, you will be able to use your smartphone for almost two hours and also will not be stuck while moving your app. Now you may know about why is my phone charging slow and dying fast in mobile phones.


Tuesday, June 30, 2020

How to turn on Assistive touch on iPhone or iPad

Here is the simple step to assistive touch on iPhone 5/6/7/8/10/11 or iPad latest iOS versions.

I will show how to turn on assistive touch on iOS Devices step by step with pictures help or you can watch the video also. Read also 10 Tips to Fix iPhone Battery Draining Fast When not in Use 2020

How to turn on assistive touch on iPhone without the home button?

Step 1: Go to Setting

How to turn on Assistive touch
How to turn on Assistive touch

Step 2: Click General

How to turn on Assistive touch
How to turn on Assistive touch

Step 3: Click Accessibility.

How to turn on Assistive touch
How to turn on Assistive touch

Step 4: Click Assistive Touch Option

How to turn on Assistive touch
How to turn on Assistive touch

Step 5: Turn on Assistive Touch

How to turn on Assistive touch
How to turn on Assistive touch

Step 6: You Sucessfully turn on assistive touch.

How to turn on Assistive touch
How to turn on Assistive touch

Search Term: Read Official FAQs

How do I turn on assistive touch on iOS13?

How do you set up an assistive touch?

How do I put the home button on the screen of my iPhone?

How do you fix your home button

How do I turn on assistive touch if my home button is broken?


Thursday, June 4, 2020

Free Download QFlash Tool Latest Version (2020)

Free Download QFlash Tool Latest Version (2020)

Free download QFlash Tool Latest Version. This QFlash Tool will help you to flash stock ROM on all Qualcomm based android smartphones. We provide the download link of the QFlash Tool.

New QFlash Tool added some new features. The new version support all Qualcomm based android smartphones and tablets and Windows versions also. New QFlash Tool supports XML files. Everyone can use it, it is really simple to use.

Download QFlash Tool
Download QFlash Tool

Requirements to use New QFlash Tool

Qualcomm Driver installed.

It can be run in windows 7, windows 8, and Windows 10.

Developed by Qualcomm INC.

Support all Qualcomm based chips.



Download QFlash Tool Latest Version

QFlash Tool v9.1.6 ZIP- Download


Sunday, May 24, 2020

Unfortunately Google Play Services has Stopped Working Solution 2020

How to fix Unfortunately Google Play Services has Stopped Error?

We will fix, Unfortunately Google Play services has stopped error. Android is the most popular OS (Operating System) worldwide today. We can see that the on Android devices. Google play services have stopped and not opening.

 The following are the methods that have proven to be able to get rid of the “Unfortunately, (app name) has stopped” issue


Unfortunately google play services has stopped fix 

*********************Method 1 *************
Do you Know Play store can’t be removed unless root access is granted? 

If you have root access, just properly install the proper apps.

Apps are all Google product apps that are preloaded into a single package for that phone. (They must be installed in recovery.)

If you do not have root access, do a full factory reset.

For those of you that this does not apply too and your phone was never rooted and is doing this at random, and a factory reset does not work you need to flash a new file to your phone. Some viruses that corrupt the stock ROM image so the user could not factory reset to get rid of the said virus.

Read also:

How to Activate Microsoft Office Using Kmspico (Microsoft Word Online)?

Unfortunately google play services has stopped after factory reset

*****************Method 2 ************
In method 2 try this method to solve this problem

1. First, remove the battery.

2. Then remove the sd card.
3. Again put the battery back in the phone.
4. Turn on the phone.
5. Reset the phone
6. Wait till the phone is fully reset
7. Remove battery
8. Put the sd card back in the phone
9. Put the battery back in the phone
10. Turn on the phone.

And that should do it. the downside is that you might lose some apps you downloaded unless they were on your sd card.

Search term:
unfortunately app has stopped in android emulator

unfortunately app has stopped the android studio
unfortunately app has stopped android development
unfortunately has stopped google play
android, unfortunately, the process has stopped
unfortunately app center has stopped
unfortunately google app has stopped fix

For Latest free unlock trick visit my new Video

How to Unlock Bootloader

Reset pattern of iPhone

How to Root Any Samsung Mobile Easily?

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Samsung M10 FRP Bypass Talkback not working (No Help and Feedback)

How to Samsung m10 frp bypass talkback not working ?

Latest Samsung Mobile M10 M20 google account removes method without any device. if you forget Samsung m10 m20 pattern pin and face unlock, you probably reset the phone. After reset if you forget Gmail id and password, here is the solution video of Samsung m10 frp bypass talkback not working.

When you going to bypass Gmail account of Samsung m10 m20, you need to on talkback method, and there are help and feedback options. if you don’t have help and feedback options. Move to our next video. 

#m20frpbypass, #m10googleaccountbypass, #m10frpbypass, #m10frp, #m20frp,

Watch Samsung M10 Hard Reset to Remove PIN PATTERN and FACE  LOCK

  Read also how to bypass j2 core frp?

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Samsung Galaxy M30s Specifications and Review, Price, Camera Test

Samsung Galaxy M30s Specification and review

Samsung has launched a new series of the Samsung Galaxy M and this is called the M 30s it has just been launched the price and variant details. I’m going to tell you about Samsung Galaxy M30s Specification and what is different and what is new compared to the galaxy m30 S with the previous generation phone and the price is 13,500 and of course the retail price is lower this is the higher variant with 128 GB of storage and 6 GB of RAM you also get other variants which are cheaper.
Samsung Galaxy M30s Specification
I define special here some quick features of this phone is 6000 mAh battery. there very few phones which come with such battery which is 6000 mAh it also comes with a food e 8 megapixel for your camera and it comes with triple camera set up it has a Super AMOLED display it comes with a 16 megapixel front-facing camera 6.4 in Super AMOLED display with the Infinity you which has a cut like this and you also get 4 and 6 GB of RAM and different storage variants.

Samsung Galaxy M30s Camera Review

it properly this is the triple camera setup and the back which has 48 megapixel branding here and three sensors Samsung branding fingerprint sensor I’ll come back to the phone let me show you what else is there so here you have a 15 watt fast charger which comes with adaptive fast charging mentioned here and then you have a USB type a to type C to the table notice that there are no earphones here the 8 FPS comes with earphones but this one does not since it’s an awesome device coming back to the phone this is how it looks from the front 6.4 inch display.
It is quite thick if you look at it from the side because it has a large 6000 mAh battery. the back is familiar plastic like the other m series phones. It has a 16-megapixel front-facing the camera and just on top is the earpiece on the right-hand side power wake up key followed by the volume rocker and these buttons are quite high in terms of placement and on this site is your SIM card tray let me just show you the same slot as you can see two nano-SIM cards and one SD cards can be put in the simultaneously it has 128 GB of storage already and you can expand it further on top of the phone is the secondary mic for noise cancellation and on the bottom you have a 3.5 mm audio port the charging port microphone as well as.

Samsung Galaxy M30s Display Overview

Super AMOLED display which comes out when you set the saturation to vivid here or the setting to vivid here and this is how the phone looks and feels without wasting any time let’s test the cameras the screen 
Samsung Galaxy M30s Specification
This ultra-wide and this is the normal 48 megapixel camera shot but I’m sure it is saving it in 12 megapixels so let’s just go to the details of the short and as you can see it is four thousand by three thousand and three thousand pixel image which is a 12 megapixel short so it is combining four pixels into one to create super detailed shots you can zoom in like really deep and it does not Excel it so the image quality is really impressive 
It is the best phone under 20 thousand rupees with such cameras I am really impressed a good job Samsung cameras are pretty good coming to the performance it has a nanometer based octa for 2.3 gigahertz processor comes with up to 6 GB of RAM
 and it comes with the Super AMOLED display which does look good the viewing angles are also pretty good.
In the box, there are no earphones and no accessories in the box the fingerprint scanner here is also working fine it’s not as fast as a reddening on but it is good enough the face unlock is also quite good here.

Is Samsung Galaxy M30s is Good Smartphone?

This phone is great because it has a beautiful display and if you want to take pictures this is a great phone if you want to play games this is probably somewhere mediocre and in this price point you can get better phones with faster processors so if you’re a gamer you can stay away from this but if you are a non gamer then this is an excellent choice because it has a huge battery of 6000 mAh which Samsung claims will give you 29 hours of video playback well moderately speaking that would be probably at middle brightness and middle volume so you can still expect up to 20 hours of playback which is 3 a 6000 mAh.
The battery would easily last you 1.5 to 2 days if you are a moderate user it gives you great pictures it gives you good design and build it gives you this nice style.

Friday, May 8, 2020

How to remove google account in Samsung grand prime 531

How to remove google account in samsung grand prime 531, 532?

You can easily bypass the Google account lock on Samsung mobile phones.
This is a new Method how to bypass google Gmail account lock on Samsung galaxy grand prime plus, sm-g532f.

Why Do We need to Bypass Google Gmail Account?

Whenever hard reset Samsung Galaxy Mobile phone Google Gmail Account Active if remember then easily to log in but if forget that username, password of Google Gmail Account Username Password, need to bypass it. 

How to Bypass Google Account lock?

1- Connect Wifi.

2- Go to advanced & Click on it.

3- click on Add Network & type anything and Select all text.

4- Assist option will appear.

5- Page will be open in Browser.

6- Typ Calc & Run calculator.

7- Type in Calculator (+30012012732+.

8- Type here *#0808#.

9- Select DM+ACM+ADB & reboot.

10- when Mobile turn on fully adb pop up will appear so select it.

11- Run Adb Google Account Remove tool.

12- Google account bypass has done do a factory reset from the


Download ADB Google Gmail Account Remove tool.

Mega Link

Samsung J2 Prime SM-G532F grand prime plus frp reset removal Method. New security FRP solution of grand prime plus, j2 prime, j2 plus