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Thursday, July 23, 2020

5 Ways to Generate New Blog Post Idea in 2020

If you are regularly making new content then need to generate new blog post idea.The discovery of the new content ideas that can actually look like a time-consuming process. I mean, which is already a long process, you are adding extra hours on it.

How to generate new blog post idea for new blog articles?

But it is possible to generate new blog post idea or content ideas only in 15 minutes or less. And even better, there are many different ways you can do it.

# 1 | The Web – Generate New Blog Post Idea

I’m not talking about the World Wide Web here. I mean a real web like a spider webs. You want to use this web technology to add different topics together. This is quite simple reference.

You start with one or two main ideas, then draw those thoughts linking links to related sub-thoughts, about which you think. Then you will get out of those sub-thoughts and continue the process, which is working well with your thoughts, as long as you can not find a strong topic, you can turn into the blog post.

Generate New Blog Post Idea

For example, you can begin with the theme such as Digital Marketing and Branch Out: SEO Content Marketing Social Media then can pull lines for topics like Content Marketing: Newsletter Blog

# 2 | See your competition – Generate New Blog Post Idea

if you are not like a web idea, take a look at your competition is a great option. Now when I say that your competition means that I actually mean the list of those people who are in your own industry.

You must have a list of them in Social Media, so see their blogs and social channels and see what they are posting. If you want to get a little more in depth, you can refer to your subjects with them. Are they covering some topics that have you remembered?

You can use a tool called Bazsumo to sort the posts of competition in terms of popularity. Take a look at these and see if you can cover more depth. Now you definitely do not want to copy here. You only want to take inspiration from what they have done. Who knows – you can also cooperate on something together.

# 3 | Update your content – Generate New Blog Post Idea

It save you a lot of time and save it from the difficulty coming up with new ideas. So go through your Blog Archives and see what you can find. I will not advise you to write only an old article again, but some things you can do here: Update an old Blog Post and see it again.

If you are the only cover part of a subject then type the sequel. Add a new perspective to check with an old Blog Post written by you. So if you did some predictions, then did they really happen?

# 4 | Look at the TRENDING Topics

if you already have a list of go-to sources, you can start to see them in less than a minute. If not, then doing one time investment is a good idea. Create a list at Social Media or use feedback to organize some websites.

Any source of content that can provide valuable motivation to your content building process. Then go to the topics and see what’s new – what gives you an idea?

# 5 | Visit your Support Network

You can always count on those people who you know in your network. Access you that you know online. Talk to them about things. Join Twitter chat. This will give you a broad perspective how people can develop your thoughts and ideas. And if you have enough big viewers, just ask them what topics you want to cover.

You will be surprised how many reactions you will get conclusion Some of these options will work better than others. Some can not work. But if you try all these methods for only 15 minutes, you will have at least one solid new idea to work.

I know that it is very difficult to maintain continuity to generate new blog post ideas, but when you master the above mentioned techniques, within a few minutes every time it will be a piece of cake to come up with new ideas.

Apart from this, do not forget to listen to your audience because they have many problems for which they are actively asking for answers


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

7 Proven Tips to Increase Blog Traffic with Social Media

How can i increase blog traffic with social media faster in 2020 with social media? When there was no social media, there used to be a way to increase your blog traffic:

• Blogging every day.
• Get public attention through Email and RSS Subscription.
• Write a blog post optimizing for Search Engine.
Now, you have an Advantage…

Now, you can start a blog today, and tomorrow it can be Viral. Now, you are not constrained by the “Older is Better” rule. Now, you can use Social Media to your advantage, by creating amazing content and making it accessible to the general public who will share it for you.

Increase Blog Traffic with Social Media
Increase Blog Traffic with Social Media

How to increase blog traffic with social media using?

If you want to use social media to increase blog traffic with social media using, here are 8 ways to do this:

1. Start using Twitter.

Start sharing your posts on Twitter, engage with your followers, follow famous bloggers in your Niche.

2. Start a Facebok page for your blog.

This is an additional subscription option for Facebook users, and can be a means to expand your blog.

3. Share your blog regularly on Facebook.

There are some great tools to help make it easier for you. Encourage your readers to do so by adding Facebook “Like” or “Share” buttons.

4. Ask others to promote your blog through Social Bookmarking Sites such as DIGG, Stumbleupon, Reddit and others. You can do this occasionally yourself, but beware of doing this again and again, as some sites penalize sites with multiple submissions of the same user.

5. Use Social Sharing Tools on your website.

A very good tool is Flare, which allows you to combine sharing options into one tool via Twitter, Facebook, email and social bookmarking sites.
6. Use a social-powered comment tool such as Disqus or IntenseDebate.

6. Write attractive headlines that people like to share. Most people ignore it by posting unsightly, nonscript title good articles. You don’t do that

7. Write compelling content.

It has to be really good. Like, better than your average blog.
The last point is worth emphasizing again: create compelling content. If you want your blog to compete on social media sites, then you have to say something worth listening to. In other words, your blog should be awesome.

Conclusion for the best social media for increase blog traffic
This is the downside of blog traffic with Social Media. Everybody now has a voice. Which is suitable for those who wish to communicate and listen at this place. You have to either be really specific or be really radical. Probably both.

Personally, I like this new rule. This means that playing it safe is no longer an option. If you don’t break some rules, you can do all of the above and still fail. This means that great writers and communicators will start going to the top.

So what will you do? I hope you break a rule. I hope you are different. I hope you write something good for our attention.