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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Kadar Khan has died at the age of 81

The famous artist of Bollywood, Kadar Khan has died. He died at the hospital during the treatment at the age of 81. The last online batsman of India, who died in the evening, told him that he died. He was undergoing treatment for a long time. His son Sarafraz Khan has confirmed that he died during treatment in Canada.
Kadar Khan
He was kept in the ventilator since midnight. He died on Monday at 6 pm on Monday morning. His son told the Indian media - yes, he died. He was kept in the coma since the afternoon. He died late.

He was admitted to the hospital after the problem was resolved in the health of Kadar Khan. His son and his family were with him for the last time. His son, who died in Canada, was his last dentist, told Indian media. Kadar Khan acted on many Bollywood movies. Especially, he has seen more in the movie with the hero Govinda. The first movie he starred is 'Daag'.

Kadar Khan was born in Kabul on Afghanistan. Even though he was born in Kabul, Bollywood was fond of the Bollywood movie sitting in Mumbai. He starred in more than 3 hundred movies. He has been seen as a villain in some movies. He has worked in the role of khalipatra in the movie including 'Dhan Dhaulat, Lutmar, Kuvrani, Bulandi.

Death of 'Internet's father - Larry Roberts Died on December 26

Larry Roberts, a US scientist, considered to be the Internet's death, died at the age of 81 Roberts designs and manufactures the first form of the Internet, died on December 26, due to the heart attack.

In the 1960s, he led a department of the Advanced Research Project of America, built a computer network called Arnettet.
These techniques are used on the Internet on the Internet.

Roberts is considered to be one of the four people of the Internet. The other three include Bob Korn, Vent Surf and Lane Clinic.

Roberts also developed the first computer technology and developed data transfer technology.

In the network system named Arpanyan, he developed four computers in the first time in 1969. After this, many universities and other research organizations were added to this network quickly.

The corporate continued till 1983 and then remained as part of the vast Internet network.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Monday, October 22, 2018

Amazon Became the Trillion Dollar Company

Amazon became the trillion dollar company after the Apple   

The e-commerce company Amazon has become the world's second-largest company with an estimated $ 10 billion dollar market value.

Following Amazon, as the world's first company to cross $ 10 trillion dollars, is Amazon, has created history.

The market value of the Amazon Company has reached $ 10 billion, with the share of the Amazon's share price rising at a peak at the last time, with a sharp increase of $ 2050.

Amazon Became the Trillion Dollar Company

Apple had just succeeded this month last month.

Remind only 50 days ago, Amazon created a history of 100 million items in one day. On the premiere Prime Day, Amazon created a new record on online shopping.

Amazon Web Services and Amazon Logistics, as Amazon's premier company, have been successful as a successful company's company, making it easier for Amazon to cross $ 10 billion dollars.

Even Amazon has succeeded with Smart Assistant Speaker Eco, despite failing in smartphone business with hardware phones in hardware.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Abhishek Bachchan is not in Dhoom 4 Movie - Shahrukh Khan

Why Abhishek Bachchan is not in Dhoom 4 ?

Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan's disappointment is the news. He will lose the upcoming sequel of Dhoom series.
Earlier, in the first half of Dhoom, Abhishek was one of the main characters in the sequel. However, at Dhoom -4, the producers Aditya Chopra has reached the bottom of the absence of him. He has taken this decision due to anointed starred by Abhishek.

Who is in the Villain Role in Dhoom 4 ?

Abhishek had played a role in a police officer in Dhoom series. However, the villain character is ignoring her role in the film. John Abraham was born in Dhoom, Ritik Roshan was the villain in Dhoom 2, and Aamir Khan villain in Dhoom 3. Since the villain's role would be powerful, the success of the movie was more than the ancestors of the movie.
dhoom 4

Dhoom 4 is going to be like Hollywoods James Bond Film

Creator Aditya Chopada Dhoom 4 is planning to hold a high level. He is preparing to make Hollywood's James Bond series like spending money. In such a way, he does not want to risk the flop of heroes such as Abhishek Bachchan.
Not only so, he has also been unable to make the Uday Chopada of his family. Uday had played role in Abhishek's assistant in the film. Other producers and directors have not been convinced except Home Productions. Creator Aditya has announced his decision to Uday. He has to say with anointing.

Abhishek Bachchan's career is not going well. 

He has to take the name of his hit movie, and three sequels of Dhoom have to be in front of him.

Aditya is now looking for a new couple in the place of Abhishek and Uday. Looking for Also, he has not reached the confrontation of who plays in the role of villain. 

He wanted to play Salman Khan. However, Salman recently announced that he would never play negative rolls and shut the door of this possibility.

Now Aditya's eyes are on the way to Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh is also positive to play this film. He has rolled out negatively in many films in the past. He wakes up in negative characters.