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Thursday, July 23, 2020

How to Create Apple ID without Credit Card 2020

How to create apple id without credit card 2020?

In this article you learn how to create apple id without credit card (No None Option). If you use iPhone, then you probably know about apple id, iCloud. If you want to download any applications, music without apple id login it is not possible.

How to Create Apple ID without Credit Card

Can I use iPhone without Apple id?

Without apple id, you cannot access any features like iCloud, application download, music, and many other features.

I take 2-20 dollar to make apple id.
I have the mobile shop, peoples came to make apple id and daily I make 2-5 apple id on their Apple phone. They ask me how to please guide us, but I didn’t because I didn’t because it is my business. I take 5$ to 20$ to making this apple id. Keep reading you are going to save your 20$. It is totally free of cost. But today, I will show you how I easily create an apple id.

What happened when I use a credit card?

How to Create Apple ID without Credit Card

I want to tell another story before it when my friend Sadh send me an iPhone, I didn’t have the bank account or credit card. When I try to make apple id I was getting stuck on payment method (Credit Card). I use the brother credit card and make apple id. But, every time I am afraid because of paid download and subscription.

After that, I search on internet “How to make apple without a credit card” finally I got a solution which can bypass “Payment Method is Required”.

No none option
One more thing, if you use the computer to make apple id with iTunes, it also has the same problem like provide a payment method. There is no skip option or any other payment options.

Now I will show step by step how to create an apple id without the credit card.

How to make Apple ID without Credit Card

Simply follow this simple steps, I listed with screenshots:

Method 1:

  • Open app store on your Apple device like iPhone, iPad, MacBook etc.
  • Search any free application like Twitter, Facebook, Viber or any other.
  • Click the application and choose the Get+ button for download.
  • How to Create Apple ID without Credit Card
  • Your device shows a pop-up window sign in with your apple id or signup for new apple id.
  • How to Create Apple ID without Credit Card
  • Choose to Create a new apple id.
  • You probably know how to fill up these fields. I will show you screenshots.
  • How to Create Apple ID without Credit Card
  • On the first page, enter all the basic info like name and security questions and go to the next page.
  • How to Create Apple ID without Credit Card
  • Now here comes the main thing, this time in the provide payment info page you will see a new option called “None” (see the screenshot below).
  • Just choose that and process to create your Apple ID.
  • How to Create Apple ID without Credit Card

So basically all you have to do is create your account while downloading a free app on your iDevice.
And you will bypass the required payment filed on account creation page. This is pretty easy and cool!

So That was the full guide of how to create apple id without credit card, I hope you will find this little tutorial helpful. Thanks for reading; have a great day.


5 Ways to Generate New Blog Post Idea in 2020

If you are regularly making new content then need to generate new blog post idea.The discovery of the new content ideas that can actually look like a time-consuming process. I mean, which is already a long process, you are adding extra hours on it.

How to generate new blog post idea for new blog articles?

But it is possible to generate new blog post idea or content ideas only in 15 minutes or less. And even better, there are many different ways you can do it.

# 1 | The Web – Generate New Blog Post Idea

I’m not talking about the World Wide Web here. I mean a real web like a spider webs. You want to use this web technology to add different topics together. This is quite simple reference.

You start with one or two main ideas, then draw those thoughts linking links to related sub-thoughts, about which you think. Then you will get out of those sub-thoughts and continue the process, which is working well with your thoughts, as long as you can not find a strong topic, you can turn into the blog post.

Generate New Blog Post Idea

For example, you can begin with the theme such as Digital Marketing and Branch Out: SEO Content Marketing Social Media then can pull lines for topics like Content Marketing: Newsletter Blog

# 2 | See your competition – Generate New Blog Post Idea

if you are not like a web idea, take a look at your competition is a great option. Now when I say that your competition means that I actually mean the list of those people who are in your own industry.

You must have a list of them in Social Media, so see their blogs and social channels and see what they are posting. If you want to get a little more in depth, you can refer to your subjects with them. Are they covering some topics that have you remembered?

You can use a tool called Bazsumo to sort the posts of competition in terms of popularity. Take a look at these and see if you can cover more depth. Now you definitely do not want to copy here. You only want to take inspiration from what they have done. Who knows – you can also cooperate on something together.

# 3 | Update your content – Generate New Blog Post Idea

It save you a lot of time and save it from the difficulty coming up with new ideas. So go through your Blog Archives and see what you can find. I will not advise you to write only an old article again, but some things you can do here: Update an old Blog Post and see it again.

If you are the only cover part of a subject then type the sequel. Add a new perspective to check with an old Blog Post written by you. So if you did some predictions, then did they really happen?

# 4 | Look at the TRENDING Topics

if you already have a list of go-to sources, you can start to see them in less than a minute. If not, then doing one time investment is a good idea. Create a list at Social Media or use feedback to organize some websites.

Any source of content that can provide valuable motivation to your content building process. Then go to the topics and see what’s new – what gives you an idea?

# 5 | Visit your Support Network

You can always count on those people who you know in your network. Access you that you know online. Talk to them about things. Join Twitter chat. This will give you a broad perspective how people can develop your thoughts and ideas. And if you have enough big viewers, just ask them what topics you want to cover.

You will be surprised how many reactions you will get conclusion Some of these options will work better than others. Some can not work. But if you try all these methods for only 15 minutes, you will have at least one solid new idea to work.

I know that it is very difficult to maintain continuity to generate new blog post ideas, but when you master the above mentioned techniques, within a few minutes every time it will be a piece of cake to come up with new ideas.

Apart from this, do not forget to listen to your audience because they have many problems for which they are actively asking for answers


Wednesday, July 22, 2020

10 Tips to Fix iPhone Battery Draining Fast When not in Use 2020

Does your iPhone battery drain fast all time? Are you facing a problem like iPhone battery charging faster and drain faster, what is the solution to iPhone battery drain quickly? 

10 Proven Tips to Fix iPhone Battery Draining Fast and quickly

Disable Location Services:

When your data and WiFi turn on location automatically detected. Most software uses location using GPS and passes information to others to find where you are and where is other places are. It uses more battery and drains suddenly. I recommended turning it off when it not usable.
To Disable location services.
  • Go to the setting.
  • Tap Privacy
  • Tap Location services 
  • Toggle the switch next to disable location.

Why is iPhone Battery Draining too Fast?

Update Applications and Software:

There might my problem with your outdated applications and iOS software. Check your apple phone and optimize their apps for the latest version. Sometimes it can improve your battery life.

You can update apps from the app store manually or update them all from the setting.
  • Open store
  • Tap updates at bottom of the screen.
  • Tap Updates all.


⏩⏩Try to Cut Widgets in Home Screen

Widgets are always refreshed automatically every second. Every second it refreshes, it drains the battery faster.

To remove widgets
Scroll down to the bottom of the widgets page > tap to edit.
Tap red circle
There will be a delete button > tap delete > tap was done.

iPhone Battery Draining Fast Overnight?

⏩Check iPhone Battery Usage in Setting

This is a simple step but it can decrease your problem. Follow these steps to check your battery status.
  • Go to setting on your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap on battery.
  • The battery usage feature will load in a few seconds.
  • Tap 7 days to see battery usage in the last 7 days.
  • You can see each app usage information.
  • From there you can remove apps that used most battery.


Enable Low Power Mode in Setting.

To enable low power mode your iPhone must be running with iOS 9 and later. When you enable low power mode, the battery can use longer than normal mode.
  • Go to the setting.
  • Tap Battery.
  • Switch the low power mode and turn it on.


Turn off Raise to Wake

Do you know these features? When you pick up your iPhone or move it, it automatically wakes your iPad or iPhone. Sensors which are always alarmed for an event, it decreases your iPhone battery. This feature is available on up to iOS 10.

To enable this setting:

  • Go to the setting.
  • Tap display and brightness.
  • Toggle the switch next to rise to wake (turn it off).


Turn off vibration
Sometimes vibration reduces battery life. If you turn off your battery life can be improved.
  • Go to setting 
  • Sounds
  • Turn off Vibration.


Turn off Background refresh

If you are not using any apps, they say to update or refresh your app. At this time what you choose?

To turn off background refresh.

  • Go to setting
  • General
  • Background App refresh
  • Toggle to background app refresh.

iPhone Battery Draining Fast After Update?

Turn off Auto-brightness feature

This feature always keeps the display at a full level. You must disable this to improve your battery life. You can manually manage the brightness level in your iPad or iPhone.

To manage auto brightness

  • Go to setting 
  • Tap display
  • There you can turn off auto-brightness
  • Or you can manually manage the brightness yourself.

Turn off Wi-Fi (When it is not in use)

Always turn off wifi when it is not needed. In most off the case, wifi takes or consume more battery power. It always searching new network around yourself. To turn off wifi do this step
  • Go to setting
  • Tap wifi
  • Choose to turn it off.


After doing that if the problem is not solved you must try to reset your phone.

Sometimes your application can be caused by battery draining.
To reset your phone

Go to setting > General > there is a reset button at last.


⏩Tips help you to stop the iPhone battery draining fast. if not replace with a new one. If the battery isn’t working perfectly then go to the Apple Authorized Apple service center and fix it. Please let us know in the comments.

Why is My Phone Charging Slow and Dying Fast Samsung iPhone 2020

Why is my phone charging slow and dying fast Samsung?

In this article you will learn why is my phone charging slow and dying fast in mobile phones. All the smartphone based on the Android Operating System (Android OS) around the world is most popular. Popularity is one of the main reasons that its price is far less than Apple iPhone and Blackberry Mobile.

why is my phone charging slow and dying fast
why is my phone charging slow and dying fast

Due to the low price it is also in the reach of the common people. But there are only two problems in Android smartphones that their users are always upset. First, despite being a slow down in the smartphone and the second battery is quick down.

Today I will tell about solving these two problems how you can make your Android smartphone fast and how smartphone how to increase the speed of Android smartphone and how to stop the battery expense?

Why is my phone charging slow and dying fast?

Disable the System Apps:

When we buy a new smartphone, the company installs some apps. Some apps are necessary and some trials are in version. Such games such as many such apps that are already present in your phone.

If you do not use and if you do it, then the limit of using soon after the trial version is expired. These apps continue to move in your smartphone’s memory and spend the battery quickly. Therefore, the apps that are used should be closed (disable).

How to Disable System Apps?

To disable System apps, you will have to go to your smartphone’s settings. In the smartphone’s settings, you must find the Apps (Application Manager) option.

This option is mainly found in the settings option but it can also be at different places in different smartphones.

When you get this option, open it. Now under the ALL tab, you will see the list of Install Apps in your smartphone.

You have to find those games / apps that you are not using. When you get that apps, tap them.

In Android-Apps-or-Application-Manager-Option Apps (Application Manager) you must have tap on the Up all tab.

Read : How to Fix Phone won’t turn on due to overheating 

Usually, when you think the apps screen will slip from the left or right from the right, you will see 5 tables under the apps: Downloaded, SD Card, Running, All, Disable.

You have to tap on the All tab. Now under the ALL tab, you will see the list of Install Apps in your smartphone.

You have to find those games / apps that you are not using. When you get that apps, tap them.
Disable-Unwanted-System-Apps Note: There will be some apps here whose systems have a key role in running.

Therefore, there is a need to pay attention to an app closing. You can disable the apps of this: Inbuilt Games & Live Wallpapers, Google+, Google Drive, Google Play Books, Google Hangouts, Google Play Unwanted Other Apps Etc.

When you will tap on the app, you will see the App Info page. Here you just have to tap on the disable button. As soon as you will tap on disable. They will ask you to confirm, then you have to do it by tap on ok.

How to Enable Tap-to-Disable-Apps again?

If you have accidentally disable an app, then there is no disturbance. You just have to do that again in Apps Manager and tap on the Disable tab instead of the All tab and accidentally disable the disable.

Remove the apps without using:

Many times it happens that we continue to install the apps in our smartphone, but do not use them. And these apps keep slowing down your smartphone as well as the batteries do. You can see these apps visiting the app.

To remove these apps, go to Apps (Apps Manager) and then downloaded on TAB. Now under the downloaded, you will see the list of all downloaded apps. Tap it on to find a waste app in this list. Tap on the uninstall button on the App info page and then by tap on OK.

Turn off the opening operation / service of the system:

We keep using your smartphone regular, but do not pay attention that after using a service, it has to stop it. Why is my phone charging slow and dying fast in mobile phones.

As we share music, movies, videos and apps with others, but after sharing WiFi, Bluetooth etc. are forgotten to close the services. Wifi, Bluetooth, Location and Data Connection are some such services that spend the battery in the very high.

By closing them, you will be able to use more smartphones for about 30 minutes. These services can be closed from the Quick Access menu by going to the smartphone settings or on the button given in the notification bar in the upper corner.

Reduce the brightness of the Stop-Unwanted-Services screen (brightness):

Smartphone phone backlight brightness (brightness) If more open then it costs your smartphone battery more and your eye Eyes can also go by having more gloss. That’s why it is good to use the necessary brightness instead of more brightness.

To reduce Brightness, go to the settings and increase the brightness of the screen by tap and increase the brightness and if you want to avoid the glowing decrease and increase, then on the AUTO option given in Brightness Install LOW-Brightness RAM Cleaner and Battery Saver App: And in the end the most important is that a good RAM Cleaner App is installed.

360 Security AntiVirus Boost and Clean Master are some such apps that remind you to clean it on the RAM of your smartphone. Reminds the apps running in the background to stop the RAM Cleaner App repeatedly to stop this, which are spending too much your battery.

If you keep in mind the things that are told above, you will be able to use your smartphone for almost two hours and also will not be stuck while moving your app. Now you may know about why is my phone charging slow and dying fast in mobile phones.


Tuesday, June 30, 2020

How to turn on Assistive touch on iPhone or iPad

Here is the simple step to assistive touch on iPhone 5/6/7/8/10/11 or iPad latest iOS versions.

I will show how to turn on assistive touch on iOS Devices step by step with pictures help or you can watch the video also. Read also 10 Tips to Fix iPhone Battery Draining Fast When not in Use 2020

How to turn on assistive touch on iPhone without the home button?

Step 1: Go to Setting

How to turn on Assistive touch
How to turn on Assistive touch

Step 2: Click General

How to turn on Assistive touch
How to turn on Assistive touch

Step 3: Click Accessibility.

How to turn on Assistive touch
How to turn on Assistive touch

Step 4: Click Assistive Touch Option

How to turn on Assistive touch
How to turn on Assistive touch

Step 5: Turn on Assistive Touch

How to turn on Assistive touch
How to turn on Assistive touch

Step 6: You Sucessfully turn on assistive touch.

How to turn on Assistive touch
How to turn on Assistive touch

Search Term: Read Official FAQs

How do I turn on assistive touch on iOS13?

How do you set up an assistive touch?

How do I put the home button on the screen of my iPhone?

How do you fix your home button

How do I turn on assistive touch if my home button is broken?


Friday, September 14, 2018

Dual Sim iPhone Launched XS, XS MAX and XR Models

Which module has double SIM iPhone ?

Apple has publicly voted for Dual Sim iPhone. In a special program held on San Francisco on 12th September night, Apple made the iPhone XS, XS MAX and XR model public.

In this XS and XS, MAX supports dual SIM card

iPhone has features like face detect as it is safe. Dual Sim iPhone
iPhone XS Max is the largest smartphone ever since it has 6.5 inches’ screen. Similar is the iPhone XR screen 6.1 inches and iPhone XS, with 5.8 inches’ screen.
These new phones will start selling from 21 September in the world on September 28.
Apple has lowered the value of iPhone Seven and iPhone 8 after publicizing the new iPhone. The price of iPhone Seven is $ 449 and the iPhone 8 price is $ 559.
The screen display of iPhone XS max is 6.5 inches. This is called the largest display phone.
Dual Sim iPhone


It has 12 and 7-megapixel dual cameras. This phone has super retina OLED HD screen. This phone is available in Gold, Silver and Space Gray Dual Sim iPhone.
It has 64 GB, 128 GB, and 512 GB of storage capacity. IP 68 water resistance rating of 30 minutes due to the depth of two meters of water made safe Apple has claimed.
The iPhone XS max is a 30-minute battery capacity than iPhones XS.
This iPhone containing IOS 12 software has A-12 biochemical chip and a 7-nanometer processor, which claims to be 30 percent faster than the 2017 iPhone’s.
There are two additional features, three unique features, phone unlock feature through a three-dim touch-sensitive screen, stereo sound, face id.
The iPhone XS value starts at 999 US DOLLAR.  For 256 GB of 1149 us dollar and 512 GB price is 1349 dollar.
The iPhone X S screen display is 5.8 inches. Other features are like XS Max.
Its market value starts from 1099 US Dollar. The value of 64 GB is $ 1099 US Dollar, 256 GB is $ 1249 US Dollar and 512 GB is $ 1449.
The screen is 6.1 inches with an iPhone X R 326 PPI (retina display). There is a 12-megapixel rear camera with wide angle lens.
This iPhone with 64 GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB storage options feature XS Face Detect. It also has a 12 biochemical chip connection.
Dual Sim iPhone


Its battery is more than any other iPhone. Apple has claimed that more than one and a half hours Life than iPhone 8 plus.
This iPhone is protected from Dust and Liquid; IOS 12 Safer is connected. There is no home button. There are new features named Haptic Touch to run it. It is available in blue, pink, yellow, white, black and red.


Its market value starts from $ 749 us dollars. The value of 64 GB is $ 749 US Dollar, 128 GB of US $ 799 US Dollar and 256 GB of US $ 899.