Why should we have a personal blog?

Honestly, many times I have tried to convince colleagues and friends to create a personal blog, but to some extent without success.

Why should we have a personal blog
Why should we have a personal blog

In most cases, it all starts with a lot of enthusiasm, but soon people give up on the excuse that no one reads and comments on what they write about in their personal blog. This is undoubtedly a big de-motivator, but they do not realize that even for an established site it is difficult to gather an audience in the beginning, let alone motivate it to comment and share on sites and social networks an article they liked and share the opinion of the author.

What are the benefits of having a personal blog?

The fact is that few people still start and manage to keep their personal blogs ‘alive’ for one reason or another, most often demotivated by the lack of readers and activity in the personal blog. That is why I decided to write this article. Because it seems to me that more people need to be convinced of the power of a personal blog and give you a few reasons to create and maintain your personal blog.

However, before I continue with the pros of having a personal blog, let me tell you a short story, which is quite indicative of how strong a blog can be and how it gives us our 5-minute glory. I believe that many active bloggers have found themselves in similar situations and appreciated how valuable a blog can be and the freedom of speech it gives.

And the incident.

A few days ago I had to order a product. Accordingly, I allowed myself to study everything around him like Possible alternatives, price, delivery, etc. Not long after, I was ready to order the product in question, despite the negative comments about the company that offers it (I just didn’t have any alternative).

Accordingly, the main complaints were not so much about the quality as about the delivery time. As with most people, it happened to me that the company in question did not meet the delivery deadlines, and I allowed myself to write about the problem on my blog, whereupon the next working day I received a call from the company in question and apologized.

Since I had explained everything in great detail and precision, I did not have to explain on the phone what my real problem was. According to the gentleman on the other side, it turned out that my words had reached the ‘bosses‘, followed by a check and scolding of the employees. They offered me compensation (I did not accept it because that was not my goal) and on the same day they delivered what I had paid for, and only 1 day late.

The interesting thing, in this case, is that there were an awful lot of people on the forums who had complained about the same thing as me, but their goods were delivered about 2 months late, so more or less I consider this a success and realized once again, that a personal blog can be a great field for expression and expression of my point of view – something that few places offer, at least because there is some kind of moderation, paid partnerships, etc.

In other words, you set the rules of the gameā€¦

This is one of the few examples and benefits of personal blogging. Another example is, for example, when a personal blog is a professional one. I believe that if you dig on the Internet you will find many personal blogs that have a portfolio, as well as offer some kind of paid services.

Why having a personal blog is important?

Some time ago, it was my personal blog that helped me find a great job with a very correct and accurate boss, something that is really a rarity in Bulgaria during an economic crisis. And in the end what comes out?!? The personal blog is not only a field for expression, but it is also a place where we can show what we can and offer our services for a fee. Believe it or not, even though I’ve been offering paid services for a long time, I’m still occasionally asked to ask about my offers on my personal blog.

I think these are two pretty good examples of how a personal blog can be strong and why you should make one and most of all be active and not give up at the smallest barrier you encounter. I say that because I’m sure it will all start with a lot of enthusiasm, but in time you will be bored. Finally, for the finale, let me briefly summarize what your personal blog would help you with:

  • To express your personal opinion freely and without considering administrators and moderators;
  • To offer services;
  • Find a job and show that you are a professional;
  • To assert your rights and make public the irregularities;
  • Find a nice company from people with similar interests and views.

Of course, these are just some of the benefits of being a blogger and running your own personal blog. You will find the others very soon after you have already created one and written your first articles.

I hope you liked my article and found it useful. I will be happy if you join in the form of a comment on the article.

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