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How to Create Your First Blog in Minutes - Start Blog in 2020

How to Create Your First Blog in 2020 | Money Making Blog?

Although many of you know what a blog is and how to create one, there is no way to create a professional blogging site and not describe the processes from the creation to turning a regular blog into a professional blog that brings you some extra income. This is the reason why the first article is on “How to create your first blog”.

How do I start my first blog post?

I believe that what is written below will be useful, even for people who already have an active blog in which they write at least once a week and it is desirable to take 5 minutes to read what I will write about create your first blog within minutes.

Before continuing with the annoying Step-by-Step documentation, let me write another line about choosing a blog topic, name, and preparation before actually create your first blog.

Create Your First Blog in Minutes
Create Your First Blog in Minutes

Choice of blog topics

Preparing to create a blog is very important and recommended if you want this blog to prosper in the future. One of the most difficult things is actually choosing a topic because it will be much harder for you if you have to write about something that is not very clear and understandable to you.

That is why whenever I explain to friends who want to try to blog, the choice of the topic of the blog is the most important and should be given more time.

My recommendations, in general, are to choose a topic on which you are competent enough and even better if it is interesting to you. The reason is that if a topic is interesting to you, then it will be interesting for you to write and study about it, which will guarantee that you will not give up writing on your blog after the first month.

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One of the biggest mistakes is to choose a topic that is neither interesting to you nor competent for it. Most often, such a choice comes from the fact that a given topic offers well-paid advertising or the opportunity to sell products with a high percentage of commission on a product sold. I know that many of you will want to create a professional blog to earn extra income, but if you do not have experience in blogging, I personally recommend that you start with something easier and after gaining experience to try a more commercial theme.


Choosing a blog name (domain)

The next step before create a first blog is choosing a name. Many people say that this is also quite a difficult task, but I do not think so. The reason I think so is that one just has to follow a few rules and move one’s brain folds a little and the name will only be born. Naturally, I will tell you how I choose the name of my blogs and you can accept my rules rather as recommendations:

My recommendation to buy a cheap domain with free SSL

The name of the blog should be as short and memorable as possible ;

It is desirable to include in the name a keyword on the topic on which you will write in the blog. For example, if you write about tourism, it will be much more memorable and useful from an SEO point of view a domain named – , than;

Well, I think my advice is only two, but I think they are enough.


Choosing a blog platform

This step is also very important because it depends on your future opportunities, and this choice comes down to two main options:

  • A free blogging platform that is not hosted by you;
  • A WordPress blogging platform that you host on your hosting.

I recommend that you read very carefully the pros and cons of both options and decide for yourself which is better for your blog.

A free blogging platform that is not hosted by you

With this option, you do not have any name or hosting costs (unless you use paid services to the platform or a paid version of the hosted blog platform).

Pros of a free blogging platform option:

  • You have no hosting and domain costs, which in some cases are not to be underestimated;
  • You don’t have to deal with installations and additional settings for your blog to work;
  • Guarantee that your site will not be absent from the Internet during the day (if you create your blog in a secure provider of this service);
  • Free strong domain subdomain.

Cons of a free blogging platform option:

  • Your blog may be deleted if you do not follow the rules for using this service;
  • You do not have the opportunity to use your own domain type ( or at least not for free;
  • You do not have access to edit the appearance of your blog. You choose one of the many ready-made templates;
  • You can’t put whatever supplements you want.

Of course, there are other pros and cons, but we will not go into detail and list them all, and I’m sure I will always miss something.

If you have chosen this option, here are two sites that are safe and I recommend you:  – Official site of the blog platform WordPress, which offers free blogging (requires registration only);

Blogspot  – Google’s official blog platform. Requires registration in Google, and you can register directly from their site, which will create an account in blogger.


Create a blog with the free blogging platform WordPress

This option is preferred by me and other bloggers for a number of reasons:

  • You have the opportunity to have your own domain;
  • You have the option to put cooler skins on your blog;
  • You can edit whatever you want on your site;
  • The rules for publishing are made up by you. No one tells you what you can or cannot write about on your blog;
  • You can much more easily integrate paid ad slots or affiliate programs;
  • You can put whatever supplements you want.

There are downsides again, but I think they are few:

  • You need better technical literacy for the initial installation and setup of the blog;
  • Your site may not be fully visible due to poor hosting or other technical reasons;
  • You have to pay for hosting and domain. As domains are paid per year and hosting is usually paid per month.

Here the disadvantages are of course not to be underestimated, but in most cases, you can eliminate them, such as hosting, you can find for 30-40 USD per year, and the domains are about 15-20 USD. That is, against an initial capital of about USD 60, your blog will look more serious and professional. Recommended if you have decided to withdraw money from it, and how this happens I will explain a little later in another article.

And with the installation, I will help you fight in the next sub-section of this article.


How to install WordPress in minutes

I would like to apologize in advance to those who know more, that at this point, they will not encounter anything new and interesting for them, but I believe that it will be useful for anyone who is still facing the installation of any PHP application.

Before we start with the explanation, you will need to get a domain and hosting. This can be done by logging in to one of the hosting providers and ordering one of their hosting plans. Usually, as soon as you decide to order hosting, they will offer you to buy a domain, so everything will be configured by them and you will not have to do additional operations to configure your domain to work with the hosting you ordered.

One of the companies with the best prices is Hostinger, and you can take a look at Hostinger Hosting

Once you have completed the purchase of a domain and hosting, you will receive a letter from the hosting company in question with detailed information on how and where you can manage your hosting.

You will need the following:




With this data, you will need to log in to your hosting using a free FTP client, then upload all the files from the archive downloaded from, which is actually the WordPress blogging platform.

After you download, unzip, and upload the archive files to the root directory (usually named public_html), you must also install the WordPress application. This is done by logging into your browser and entering your domain address:

After loading, it will tell you that the configuration file has not been created.


Here you need to click on the button below, which will display several fields that you must enter:

  • Database username – the username for the database (you need to create it from the control panel of your hosting);
  • Database name – The name of the database in which all the information about your blog will be stored (you create again in the control panel of your hosting);
  • Database hostname – here is usually localhost, which means that the database server is located on the same machine as your site;
  • Database prefix – leave it as is by default. The idea is that if you install several blogs in one database, you can distinguish the tables with different names.

When you have finished entering this data, you can safely press the button below to continue the installation, which in fact after loading will be completed and you will have a fully functional blog platform on your hosting, which you can access from the following address:

From there, it is difficult to explain all the features that the blog platform WordPress has, or at least not in words. Learn also how to install and work with WordPress and I believe it will be a good start for you or at least until I have some time to create a video with a little more detailed explanation of all the features in WordPress.

I hope you found the article useful and interesting, and even more, I hope you take 1 minute and express your criticism and advice with the help of the comments below the article about Create Your First Blog.

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