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Thursday, July 23, 2020

God of War 4 APK Download for Android 4.2+ Free

God of war 4 APK Download for Free for Mobile

God of war 4 apk is a movement-adventure game that changed into delivered in 2005. The Greek mythology based hack and cut back recreation become advanced in Santa Monica studios via David Jaffe and published via sony. 
it tried rivaling other hack and scale back games of that point like Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia and capcom’s Satan can also cry, however, sony overpowered them once they introduced their new mascot- Kratos who is the protagonist of this epic game.

God Of War 4 For Android Mobile

It obtained a lot acclaim in its first launch for its narrative, art path, images, and a fight device that it quickly became one of the maximum rated games.

Talking approximately the plots, in brief, the game starts with the introduction of Atreus, who is the son of the Kratos. This addition adds a unique duo warfare machine. Atreus is added to the sport.

God of War 4

He performs a vital part in the war system. He additionally has his ability tree wherein you have to stage up. His presence makes way for the character to develop as Kratos via conversations. Atreus is a regular companion who is always there to assist and now not a predicament for Kratos for the duration of combat. 


These two blended makes the sport more interesting or even more wonderful than earlier than. The primary factor you may word in GOD OF WAR  4 is the new putting. On account that Kratos is in exile in generically new united states, it means there are new locations to explore, new mythological monsters to kill and meddling gods to address. 

god of war apk download

This pretty plenty sums up the game that is pretty comparable whilst in comparison among the cellular model with the console version. Even though there may be the slight difference within the android and ios model or perhaps a few capabilities might not be protected as at the console, relaxation the entirety is incredibly brilliant and is ready to give you an outstanding gameplay experience like in no way before.

Before Download the APK,
Just Complete 2 Steps to Unlock download its Free !!!

Step 1(Subscribe BRB Academy To Unlock Download) 


As your Android model, make sure to have enough space in your cell phone(approx 2.1 GB) for installing and downloading files.

Give permit the installation of apps from unknown resources from your Android settings.

Now, set up the downloaded God Of War APK for your device, release it and download the additional sports files that it asks.

After the game download is completed, God of war will launch itself.

Thank you for visiting, if you have facing any problem with god of war 4 apk download or any comment below.


Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Samsung Galaxy A10S Hard Reset (Remove Pattern and Pin Lock)

Samsung Galaxy A10s Hard Reset to Remove Lock

Samsung galaxy a10s hard reset to clear the phone lock password. Hard reset can remove mobile patter pin and finger lock also. When you reset your mobile don’t forget to backup your data. Hard reset remove all the data of mobile phone. (Memory Card data will not be effected.)


How to Soft Reset Samsung Galaxy A10S?

With this method you can easily hard reset of samsung galaxy a10s. How to hard reset Samsung A10S to remove pattern. Before Hard reset, make sure the battery is fully charge (More than 50 %) of Samsung Galaxy A10S.
Method 1:
You can hard reset with setting 
Go to Setting
Go to Backup and reset
Choose Factory data reset
Choose Delete Everything.
(Don’t forget to remove google account before reset, if you do not your mobile phone will be frp lock)
Watch how to bypass frp lock
How to Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy A10S?
Method 2:
Switch off Your mobile phone.
Press Volume up key and power key for few seconds.
Release all key.
Choose wipe data.

To Choose Use Volume up and down key, power key to select.

1. First turn off Samsung Galaxy A10s (Press Volume Down + Power Button Continuously for 7 seconds)

2. Press Volume Down + Power Button Continuously for 7 seconds, Release Volume down button and press volume up button.

3. Wait until we see the Wipe Data/Factory Reset Option, Choose with Volume Button to select and use power button to reset.

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You successfully hard reset and remove pattern of Samsung Galaxy A10s


Thursday, April 16, 2020

How to rotate windows screen (Windows 10 )

How to rotate or flip the screen of computer windows?

Sometimes, we got the problem like windows screen to rotate by yourself or your children. You can not rotate with your mouse. You may use the built-in display settings, your photographs card settings, or even a keyboard shortcut. we will outline all the options of How to rotate windows screen.

How to rotate windows screen


You can try to rotate your laptop or computer display is with a keyboard shortcut. Whether or not this gives you the results you want or not will depend on the hardware and software program for your laptop. some software program can also rotate the screen.

Here is a simple solution of how to rotate windows screen?   

How to rotate windows screen
  • Right click on a desktop
  • Click Display setting
  • You can choose a landscape from there.
  • Choose and save it.
How to rotate windows screen
Hit CTRL + ALT + Up Arrow