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How to Find WiFi Password Windows 10 / 7?

How to Find WiFi Password Windows 10?

If you want to connect the internet and you don’t know how to find WiFi password windows 10? Or maybe your computer connected to the internet but you didn’t remember the password. Nobody helps you to connect the internet on your mobile or other devices, here is the solution of how to find WiFi password windows 10.

Don’t worry, it’s quite simple to find the WiFi password, which you are currently connected to.

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How to find WiFi password?

I will tell you super-easy steps to find your WiFi password.


First Things First: Check Your Router’s Default Password

Before you consider any other means of finding your WiFi password, there is a basic step you have to take. That is, find the WiFi router you are connected to, examine it closely.

Usually, at the back of the router, you should see the sticker which contains the “SSID” and the “Network Key”. The “Network Key” you see is the default WiFi password.

If you can’t find the password printed on the back of the router, try looking at the manual or any other documentation that came with it.

But, you should also note that most Network Administrators do change the WiFi passwords from the default one to the one they assign to the router by themselves. This is usually done in a bid to restrict unauthorized access to the WiFi network.

Now another method to find,

How to find WiFi password on windows 10 2020

It’s worth noting that Windows saves the passwords of WiFi networks your computer connects to. By implication, you can also find the passwords of other WiFi networks your computer has been connected to before.

In this guide, I’m using Microsoft Windows 7 so this might be slightly different on other versions of Windows.

But not to worry, I will show Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 methods on last of this post for users of more recent Windows versions, so keep reading.


How to find your current WiFi network’s password using Windows 7?

Go to Navigate to Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center and click on the Wireless Network Name.

On the next window that appears, click on Wireless Properties.

WiFi wireless properties

On clicking on Wireless Properties, a new window pops up with two tabs; “Connection” and “Security”.

Here, select “Security” and check the “Show characters” box to reveal the “Network security key”.

WiFi network security key.

The Network security key is your current WiFi network’s password.


Alternative Method:

There’s a shortcut to finding your WiFi network’s password on your Windows. This method requires the click of fewer buttons to get results.

  • Let’s get right into it.
  • Right-click the Network icon on the right of your taskbar.
  • Network icon
  • Then right-click the WiFi network name and select “Properties”.
  • On the next window, check the “Show characters” box to reveal the “Network security key”.
  • Network security key


How to find your current WiFi network’s password using Windows 8/10?

  • Click on the WiFi icon on the right sidebar.
  • Choose Network and Internet settings.
  • Click on status.
  • Choose the network and sharing center.
  • In network and sharing center choose connections, select a WiFi network.
  • In WiFi, status clicks Wireless properties.
  • Select the Security tab, Show the character’s checkbox.
  • Now you can easily view your WiFi password on windows 10.(image is shown below)


How to Find WiFi Password Windows 10
How to Find WiFi Password Windows 10

You can also view the WiFi password with Password viewer software like the WiFi password viewer. Now connect your mobile and other devices with an internet password.

Read Microsoft Official: Find your Wi-Fi network password in Windows

That was easy, right?

Now, give it a go and tell us your experience in the comments section.



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